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Month: January 2009

Flyfishing Germany – Jan. 30th. 2009

Flyfishing Germany – Jan. 30th. 2009

Last friday I went fishing for the first time this year.
Due to hard water aka ice we could not harass the local pike
so we had to go elsewhere to fish.

Now over the border in Germany almost all rivers are closed due to the spawning season of trout.
Only rivers that have sufficient Grayling stocks are open and those rivers are far far away.

One of the trout rivers we frequented had however started a stocking program for Grayling.
This year was the first time the rivers season was extended to February for a Grayling only fishery.

So my friends and I gambled on the Grayling and early morning we stood at the river in freezing temperatures.
The weather was nice and sunny but in the morning we where quite busy with de-icing the rods.

We did not catch a fish all day – we scared the hell out of some fish but nothing was interested at our deep fished nymphs.
The signs of life I saw was one fish and a couply of bloody cormorants.
It sure is different to fish in wintertime, allthough I was tempted to drag a streamer through the dephts I stayed with nymph fishing untill sunset.
So no fish caught but it was good to hear the sound of flowing water again.
Hopefully we will break this cold weather pattern this month for a rematch with the Grayling.
Below some pics of the river.