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Month: April 2012

Germany 22-04-2012

Germany 22-04-2012

Tried the stream this afternoon and was welcomed by legions of Roach that
pretty much ignored most of my offerings.
Finally I got one decent fish out of the school who put up a fight and scared
the rest of the school away.

Further upstream I ran into the first trout who managed to escape.
Had a go at the Dace that where feeding in the surface but they saw me and ran off.

When I saw another trout I wondered if the local syndicate had been on
a stocking spree again.
I decided not to use a lure but drift a nymph to the stationary brown, the
fish did not think twice and grabbed the nymph.

The weather was unsettled and when it became dark and thunder was heard
I took cover at the local watermill.

When things cleared up I fished a small white lure in one of the pools hoping for more trout.
Nothing hit the white lure so I switched to black which turned out to be the ticket for the trout.
Hooked one that threw the hook and had two fish showing interest.

When I looked at my watch I saw that I was already well past my intended departure time so I called it a day.
Maybe the trout will last untill next weekend.

Fyn 2012

Fyn 2012

Four days where spend fishing near the west side of Fyn with my friend Tom.
The conditions varied but all in all a lot better than last (very cold) spring.

There where quite a few small fish around.
Tom scored big time on the first day when we where fishing near Kolding.
Lot’s of fish inside a small cove where he managed to catch 7 within 20 minutes, no big fish though.
My best fish was a fat 52cm seatrout from Rojle klint, my largest was a 57cm rather skinny fish from Vejby fed.
Tom’s best fish was a nice 57cm trout that looked like it was attacked in the past by either a cormorant or seal.

On the other days we managed two / three fish per day.
On the last day only Tom was lucky and caught one smaller fish inside Kolding Fjord where we
made a stop on our return yourney to the Netherlands.

Some spots boasted live in the form of small fish and shrimp, others seemed lifeless.
On saturday we spotted masses of mysis inside the little Belt at Rojle klint.

I also mentioned to Tom that the ship we saw inside the little Belt looked like a royal yacht (way to much rader equipment on top)
Seemed I was right as I looked it up… it was the HDMY Dannebrog (A540)
that skippers the Danish Royals around.