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Month: July 2016

HSK 07-2016

HSK 07-2016

Allthough my last road trip was not that far in the past I could not resist joining another
one when my palls where planning a new one.

Actually a few days before the intended start of the trip it turned out that the guy responsible
for arranging the trip had done squat … bummer.
Quick thinking of one of my more reliable friends resulted in a booking of a hotel in the
Sauerland region on a decent trout stream.

So off we went to a stream I had only passed once on the way to another water.
We arrived late afternoon and visited the river for a late session in the afternoon.
My choice to fish downstream was a bad one as the river carried less water than usual
so the fish could see me for miles.
Even the deeper pools yielded nothing for me so I ended the day with the dreaded skunk.
That evening we sat in the pub watching the German soccer team loose out so a black day
for many 🙂

Next morning though the first fish came to the net and the world was ok again just as
the following few days.
The hotel was wunderfull, perfect location with the river running through the backyard and
staffed with good people.
Catering was out of this world and I think I will be back for a rematch later in the season.

Most memorable events on this trip was a battle with a very large brown trout which I lost as
the fish eventually managed to kill the leader by hugging the rock legde it was hiding under.
Tried the same spot a day later but to no avail.
In the catagory curious events I noticed that a bat had choosen my wading boot as a
place to nap while my waders and boots where drying in the drying room of the hotel.