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Month: May 2020

Germany 31-05-2020

Germany 31-05-2020

Another early outing over the border in bright conditions.
We have a drought in spring for the third year and the stream is at it’s lowest flow possible.
The perdigon yielded the first trout of the day while the squirmy pulled a small perch from under the tree roots.
Trout nr. 2 got away and since I spotted another angler near the spot I fished I moved to a quieter place.

At the spot where I had seen several trout last week I encountered only
the dace.
The stream was so shallow that I had the notion that any trout would take off the moment my dry fly would land on the water.

The deeper pools that once existed had been filled in with sand in winter when there was longer period with high water.
While walking on the high banks I spotted a trout running for cover insome brushwork.
Since the fish was surface feeding I moved down to the water and found
a spot where I could make a proper cast.

I waited a while and observed dace starting to feed on top.
Something larger lunged at a mayfly flying over the water so I knew the
trout was also surface feeding.
It took a few casts to drop the mayfly at the right spot but then it was an
instant hit.

The shortage of water made visiting spots further upstream rather pointless so I went for an early lunch.
The pub’s beergarden was crowded as the weather was warm and sunny.
I had the porkchops with mushrooms today and for dessert the strawberry cake with plenty of cream.
I am afraid this year could be the year that the stream runs dry if it does
not start to rain sometime.

Netherlands 30-05-2020

Netherlands 30-05-2020

I fished a local stream late in the afternoon.
The perdigon nymph yielded the first fish quite early in the session.
I caught a good size roach and hoped for more of the same.
Alas it stayed quiet for a long time.
I tried the squirminator but only had a few hits of small fish.

I switched back to the perdigon as the worm did not perform that well.
The perdigon was intercepted by a gudgeon, fish species 2 of the day.
I tried several other spots hoping for fish but nothing happened.

I switched to a heavier tippet and a lure as the sun was low in the sky.
My choice of weapon was a small woolly worm with a bullet shaped head.
Something was chasing the fly, a perch lunged forward and took it.
To my surprise a second perch about twice the size tried to eat the fish
I had just caught.

I continued fishing the spot where I had last fish contact.
The perch where wary though and only nibbled at the fly.
I suddenly felt a tug on the streamer.
A small pike had hit the fly and was actually going ballistic.
I landed my first pike of the season despite the lack of a trace in the leader.

I tried the last mark of the day as the sun was setting but only
hooked a piece of submerged wood.
I called it a day when the mosquitoes came out at dusk.

Germany 24-05-2020

Germany 24-05-2020

Despite rain, chilly conditions and lots of wind the mayflies where out in numbers late in the day and fish eager to feed.
In the morning surface action was non-existent so the perdigon did its magic. 

Next weapon of choice was the squirminator which yielded a trout from within a maze of sunken trees and debris.
Further use of the squirminator brought anything from gudgeon, dace, roach to trout. 

Late in the afternoon when it started pouring the mayflies where appearing en mass and fish where rising.
A large mayfly pattern yielded a good hit from a larger brown trout.
The trout went ballistic but somehow the hook came out. 

It was an interesting day with some casualties in the perdigon and squirminator department so some replacements are required.

Germany 22-05-2020

Germany 22-05-2020

Another early outing to the stream yesterday.
I only saw a brief glimpse of the sun in the morning as the weather was changing.
The weather change had impact on the insect life.
It stayed quiet on top for most of the morning.

The Perdigon did a good job but I lost more to the trees than I liked.
At least I had the materials to tie my own which would be required soon.
A passing cold front made the weather let’s say interesting.
At times it looked like it would rain and as it was still warm and

sticky I thought the thunderstorms where imminent.

Late in the afternoon I went to the pub and settled in the beer garden.
The menu these days down scaled so I settled for a curry sausage with

fries and the mozzarella tomato side dish.

All flushed away with dark wheat beers.

I even managed to get the mandatory coffee and cake to top it all off.

The cold front was blowing through in force and those dark clouds

finally erupted in a heavy downpour.
Luckily I could shelter inside the pub, within half an hour it was all over
and I went for my last fishing session of the day.

After landing a nice trout near the grounds of the pub I headed

into the forest to see if I could spot trout feeding on mayflies.
The downpour had filled the stream with debris from the trees so surface

action was non existent.
The Perdigon yield a gudgeon, certified bottom feeder.
Lots of bites from these little fellows but not the fish I was looking for.

At the end of the day the light was fading and with the strong wind and

falling branches of the trees I thought fishing was over.

Some big dead falls where leaning against the still standing trees and made
a pretty awful noise.

If one of those old trees would give way it would sure be a bad day.

On the way out of the forest I heard a loud splash in the water.
At first I thought it had to be another falling tree branch hitting the water.
As I was not sure and had spotted several mayflies on the water I went to investigate.
A swirl in the water indicated to me that maybe something else was going on.

I broke out one of the big mayfly patterns and looked for a good position to make a cast.
It took a few cast before the fly landed near enough to the tree where I suspected a fish.
As the fly drifted near the tree the trout came up and nailed the fly with vigor.
A good way to end the fishing day with as last fish a trout on the dry fly.

Germany 17-05-2020

Germany 17-05-2020

An early start trying to find the trout I spotted while fishing last week.
Insects where on the water early but no fish where rising.
I did a field test with some newly bought Perdigon nymphs and they worked well.
The roach seemed to like them and one small trout came for them.
The nymphs where heavy so no subtle entry in the water but they got deep and caught fish.

I had planned a break at the pub as it reopened last Monday under
new strict covid measures.
The word had spread under the bikers which arrived in hordes.
A long line of customers had formed in front of the ordering booth .
It looked like a waste of time to join the line and wait for a couple of
fries so I skipped lunch and continued fishing.

I visited a place where I had not been in ages.
The usually trampled paths where overgrown which was a good sign.
Mayflies where out in numbers despite wind and clouds.
Trout made their presence known as they aggressively pursued the mayflies.

I was tempted to toss a large mayfly at the trout but faced a problem
Casting was impossible duo to high banks and foliage.
When I spotted a trout under some submerged logs I tried to coax it out.
First with a nymph and then when that did not work with a streamer.
Both actions failed and I finally scared the trout away.

In de pool behind the logs I spotted larger roach so I concentrated on
catching them.
The bite I got was from the trout which had retreated in the pool.
I was pretty sure I could land the fish but when he went in the submerged roots of the tree it was over.

Downstream I finally found an interesting pool where I could wade.
I dropped the perdigon in a fast flowing deeper stretch.
I spotted small fish but then the indicator went under and something 
larger showed up, a nice trout.
Other trout where still rising and so eventually I tried dry fly fishing.
My presentation was not good enough though so I called it a day.

During the day the weather had changed from sunny to cloudy with lots of wind and back again.
I pondered of going to the pub for dinner before leaving for home.
With the late hour and lower temperatures I figured most bikers would be gone home.
I met up with some friends at the pub who where also out fishing today.
It was a tad chilly in the beergarden for the outside dining.

At least it was good that some normality had been regained in these
trying times, it was a good day.

Germany 10-05-2020

Germany 10-05-2020

Today’s fishing session was to become a short one.
The nice weather we had would come abruptly to an end.
Predicted was a drop in temperature and an increase of the wind.

I started on the stretch where I missed so many trout on the previous session to no avail.
I later found out from reliable sources that they had been cleared out.
The only fish I managed was a small brown trout on a woolly bugger.

The second spot I fished had feeding fish, violent rises indicated trout.
With all the foliage fishing the dry fly just did not work out.
Figuring a streamer might do the job was correct, instant hit.
I had a fight with a good trout but when a run into an submerged tree caused the leader to part.
With the trout scared away I concentrated on nymphing for the roach.
The good spot from last weeks visit was reliable and yielded several roach.

Before leaving I returned to a spot where I had earlier seen a rising fish.
This time I positioned myself downstream as the fish was again rising.
I got one hit on the sedge but the trout missed the fly and action was over.
Last hope was fishing a small nymph upstream.
That worked as the trout hit the nymph.
The last good fish of the day was a nice brown trout.

When I left the premises late in the afternoon it was still warm.
Within an hour however I found myself in rain and cold weather.
The weather forecast was correct and it felt like summer had been replaced by fall within a few hours’ time.
Luckily I picked the right time slot to go fishing today.

Germany 05-05-2020

Germany 05-05-2020

Yesterday was a public holiday around here and with the promise of good weather I crossed the border to my fishing haunts.
Goal was to catch a trout and it turned out better than I had hoped.

The first mark I fished was the barren sand pit as usual but the third position yielded a solid hookup of a big fish.
I was still fishing with my usual guppy setup aka roach setup tossing a size 16 nymph on light tippet.
The trout nailed the nymph and immediate shot into a submerged tree stump and as I could not exert to much power I thought I would loose the fish. After several runs by a sort of miracle I could land the fish.

On the same stretch I hooked two other large trout but the hook came out in both instances.
From that point on I was on a roll and several small roach and trout fell to the nymph.
At the end of the day I visited my secret spot where the number of flies on the water surprised me.

I noticed a trout feeding continuously in one spot and from the size of the rings in the shallow water I figured it had to be a decent one.
My small sedge pattern was however ignored and when I tried nymphing the indicator was attacked several times.
A small woolly bugger also did not yield the hoped reaction.
I checked my fly box and found one big old mayfly pattern in it and decided to fish that instead.
It took just one drift and the fish nailed the fly as it went downstream.

Best fishing day this year and I guessed the local club had stocked fish
as I encountered so many.