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Month: November 2020

Germany 22-11-2020

Germany 22-11-2020

Maybe it was not the brightest idea to visit the chub stretch in
winter but I did.
I figured the chances of getting a chub where almost non-existant
but I had to try anyway.

En route to my favourite chub haunts I made a stop at the river
to see how the water was looking.
Surprisingly the clear water was full of small roach so I had to fish there.
The fish where skittish but I caught at least one small roach.

Further along the stream I spotted the first chub.
The fish also saw me and made a run for it.
With the aquatic- and bankside vegitation gone a stealth approach was
I encountered more chub at my honey holes but all ran at the first sight
of me.

I came across one of my fellow clubmembers and chatted for a while.
He was after pike but had not seen a fish all day.
I mentioned my last port of call would be the feeder behind our clubhouse.
And so I did, when I arrived at the clubhouse I noticed a pike in the middle of the shallow stream.

I tied on a leader with a trace and launced a polar minnow in perch
livery to the pike, no reaction at all.
Clouds rolled in and it started to rain, I could not spot the pike anymore.
When the rain stopped I tried locating the pike and soon got a strike.
I battled the pike for a short while and then the hook came out, bummer.
At least I did not end the day with a skunk.

HSK 10-2020

HSK 10-2020

The planned holiday in Florida soon became fiction this year.
Plan B was Germany, I was lucky to clear to border a day before travel restrictions where put in place.
As you can imagine the hotel stay and dining arrangements where odd but at the river it was business as usual.

I had the river for myself which, a bonus in these dark times.
My hopes for an warm fall dissappeared as I dogded rain and cold mornings.
Having said that I also expirienced sunshine.

This late in the season the river was ultra clear.
Nymphing did not produce results, dry fly fishing was the best method.
The brown trout where few but grayling where plenty.

The grayling where tough, they where rising on the tiniest of flies.
My fly selection of large segde patterns that had worked in the past failed.
The two size 19 sedge patterns in my fly box that yielded grayling on a frequent basis where treasured as gold.

I had originally planned to stay for two weeks.
With the knowlegde that more pandemic misery would follow I figured
it might be best to extend my stay while it was possible.
In hindsight I am glad I made that move.