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Fyn 19-04-2009

Fyn 19-04-2009

Fyn 19-04-2009

The last day was upon us and since we had to travel 6 hours back to the Netherlands time
to fish was limited to a couple of hours.
After cleaning up the cottage we had to drop the keys at the rental agency in Assens hence
we ended up again at Sonderby klint.

I guess the high tide and wind had caused the water to become very discoulered.
The outher edge of the weed patch though still had clear water so I decided to fish the
border between clear and dirty water.

At Sonderby

My tactic payed off as I got into a nice fish.
As I netted the fish it spat out its last dinner which was to me at least a surprisinly large sandeel.

It was rather unique that I caught something on the last day as I always blanked so I was quite
a happy caper.
The rest of the guys where desperately trying to catch a fish but luck was just not on their side.

The rest of the guys trying hard
Trying to catch a fish

After a couple of hours our time on Fyn was up.
I took a last look at the grand landscape, packed in my gear and thought mission accomplished.
Untill next year Fyn. 

Fyn er fin
Time to go

Fyn 18-04-2009

Fyn 18-04-2009

Day 3 of the trip consisted of a visit to the coast at Wedellsborg on the western shores of Fyn.
This stretch of coastline was very near to our cottage. It was a place I had visited on numerous occasions in the past and it had never let me down.
The beach was a very interesting spot, beginning with a deep bowl and then a long stretch along the cliffs with a fine leopard bottom.

West Fyn
West Fyn

Some members of our crew could not stomach the seatrout fishing anymore, intimated by the wide open spaces
of the coast they had opted to fish a river on the mainland.
Even though they where warned in advance that it was to early to visit the rivers they pursued their plan and
left the beach to Tom, Joop and yours truly.

Good riddance, bunch of infidels 🙂

So the beach was ours, Tom and Joop left for the cliffs at the end while I fished the deep bowl in front of the stretch.
Persistence yielded my first fish of the day, a nice seatrout once again caught on the flammen streamer.
The fish hit the fly right in the deep bowl quite a distance from shore.


Fish where present so I fished the bowl and slowly waded with the tide along the beach.
After half an hour another fish hit the fly, this fish was a bit smaller than the first one.
I intercepted a radio message that Joop had gotten his first fish of the trip and that he actually
saw hunting fish in the section he was fishing.

Joop fishing the flats
Joop with his first seatrout

Tom had also gotten fish contact but somehow every fish he fought managed to throw the hook.
With the boulders on the beach a back cast could always end with a fly – stone collision but
Tom was experienced enough to notice a dull hook point.
In his case it was just plane bad luck.

I moved slowly to the location where Joop was at and noticed rings in the surface, hunting trout.
I missed a take, I noticed though the fish where small.
A large boulder further from shore lay in front of me and it just begged for a long range cast.
As soon as the fly landed near the boulder I got a strike.
The hook was thrown though, from the initial contact it felt like a large fish.

In Joop’s corner of the fjord I changed flies and tied on a small zonker.

That fly change yielded two wannabe searuns for me.

Wanneby seatrout

The small searuns where hunting in front of us but I decided in the end to go back to the deep bowl to look for bigger fish.
The tide was coming in and the wind suddenly shifted ending the activity of the small trout.
In the mean time our freshwater friends a.k.a the infidels returned from their one hour drive from the mainland.
They had visited the river, seen some small fish and decided they did not want to fish there.
What a waste of time!, instead they joined us to fish until sunset.
I joined up with Tom at the deep bowl along the beach.

Tom fishing the deep bowl

It was around sunset and we hoped for some increase in fish activity.
Toms soon hooked into a fish as his rod was pulled into a nice bend.
Suddenly the line went slack and Tom lost his sixth battle with the trout, bummer!
20 minutes later I was into my 5th fish of the day.

Trout nr.6 of the day

nr. 6
nr. 6
I fished until sunset, my last catch of the day was the sun as it settled over mainland Jutland.
Exhausted we drove back to the cottage.

Sunset at WedellsborgSunset at Wedellsborg

Fyn 17-04-2009

Fyn 17-04-2009

On day 2 of the trip we got up early to fish the beach along our cottage.
In the marshes in the back a small stream flowed into the bay making it
a hotspot for searun brown trout.
I was the earliest bird that morning so I made my way to the tip of the beach
to fish the mouth of the bay imagining it would have to be a trout highway.

The early bird ...
Baltic sea

It was quite chilly that morning, overnight temperatures dipped to freezing point.
Like the day before the waters surface yielded no signs of fish.
A couple of nets along the way where fished thoroughly since they usually where
hangouts of the searuns.
I did not make it to the point though since a sign in Danish mentioned that the 
rest of the beach to the tip was off limits due to bird breeding season.
I could not wait until June 15th – end of the nesting season so I doubled back.

The other guys tried the same stretch of beach but had no luck either.
I should have tried that place at night.

The rest of the gang
Baltic sea

At our cottage it was time for breakfast, next step would be the rather long drive to
Odense to visit the “Go fishing” store.
Hans still had to pick up his Orvis shooting basket and I had to get some of these
protection thingy’s to keep my stripping hand in one piece.

The rental
The rental

We arrived at the shop in Odense which was located right next to the Odense river.
It was a real candy store for us, lots of gear, flies and clothing.
A PC connected to a flat screen with internet access enabled us to follow up on a tip
to fish one of the small islands near Fyn.
The cost of the ferry though and the unfavorable timing schedule quickly convinced us
that this was not an option for us, we would stay on the main island.
We got our gear, inquired about the fishing conditions and got on our way to the next fishing
Next stop was the Odense Fjord, the outer point near the pilot station.

Pilot station in Odense Fjord
Odense Fjord / Gabet

Before heading out into the bay we had a coffee break with as luxury item a cake.
No need to hurry in these sunny conditions.

A nice place to live

The wind was blowing pretty strong into the inlet so all the guys left for the more sheltered
I liked inlet fishing so I tried the deeper water in front of me, the only other angler around was a local with a spinning rod.

Odense Fjord
Odense Fjord

I was struggling with the wind and just as I was about to leave the windy part of the fjord
I heard on the radio that Tom had caught a first trout in the bay.
Walking past the pilot station the bay was in front of me, miles of clear water with the 
so revered leopard bottom.
A close inspection among the seaweed showed that despite the low water temperature critters
where active , shrimp and small baitfish where scooting among the weed.

Clear water

The whole bay looked fishy but I did not have a single take.
I was fishing besides a large net when my fishing buddy Joop called me onto shore
for a coffee break.
As I waded towards shore with the flyline out I suddenly felt a tug, yep a trout hit the 
The slack in the line made the contact short though, the fish just fell off.

Odense Fjord
Hans in action

The rest of the day all stayed quiet, around sunset hordes of locals came out of the bushes
to fish the golden hours around sunset.
After sunset all the Danes left – fishless.
I tried the inlet once more but a shift in the tide had turned the water into a murky soup at the
Loads of floating weed made me head back further into the bay.

Sunset at Odense Fjord

I believe on this day only Tom and Hans scored a fish, it was tough out there.
This was my first visit to Odense fjord and despite the absence of fish I really liked
the place, a place to return to in the future.
So day 2 ended in skunk for me, nothing to worry about since next day could only get better.

Fyn 2009

Fyn 2009

After a year of waiting it was finally time again to visit beautiful Denmark.
The goal for me was to catch some up to size searun browns that had so skilfully eluded me last fall.

The annual fishing pilgrimage started at 06.00 hrs., the party consisted of five anglers (Tom, Hans, Alfons, Joop and jours truly).
Our usual suspects came to late to our rendezvous point, as usual thus.
The first leg of the trip through Germany went pretty good and even the Elbe river tunnel in Hamburg provided no big problems for us.
As we cleared the Danish border we wondered how the unusual warm temperatures and bright sunny skies would affect the fishing.

Our first stop in Denmark was in Haderslev to visit the local subsidiary of The “Go Fishing” stores.
I stocked up on a couple of flies, Hans wanted to buy an Orvis strippingbasket.
Since the Danish flyfishing festival was just about to start in Kolding some of the Stores inventory was shipped to the fair,
stripping baskets being one of them.
So the main store in Odense on the island Fyn was called to inquire about their stock.
One basket was put aside for Hans meaning we would visit the big shop sometime during our stay.

We got the latest fishing reports from the shopkeeper and where warned that with the flyfishing festival the shores of the island could be crowded.
Fishing was good however despite the sunny weather.
After visiting the candy store it was back on the road again, we moved swiftly up The coast and crossed the Lille Baelt bridge onto the Island of Fyn.
When we called our landlord it became clear that we could pick up the keys for the Cottage at 15.00 hours, several hours later than our arrival time.
We decided to drive to the cottage first to dump our non-vital = non-fishing gear upon the veranda of the cottage.
When we drove up to our cottage Tom noticed one of the window was open.
I knew Tom sold software but his burglary skills where suspiciously good.
He slipped through the window and voila opened the doors.
We claimed our bunks and dumped our stuff in the cottage, now it was time for fishing.
The wind was strong from the east – northeast, we where located at Sandager Naes on the west of the Island.

Sonderby klint

There was a good spot nearby at Sonderby Klint (Klint = Cliff) so that’s where we headed to.
We all dispersed along the cliff and started fishing.
Tom was the first one to catch a seatrout, that was promising.

Tom releasing the first fish of the trip

During the last trip hook and line failure had cost me good fish so this time I was prepared.
I had tied my own flies on good hooks and had stocked up on premium 1x fluorocarbon.
After an hour of fruitless blindcasting I got into a good fish.
The line held, the hook stayed in shape and so I could land my first Seatrout of the season.

My first seatrout of 2009

The fly was totalled though meaning I had to improve on my flytying skills.
Luckily I had tied enough flies in advance that would surely last the four days of the trip.

A totally destroyed fly - flammen

Seatrout fishing for me on the open coast in spring was more or less a blind casting game as fish would not show themselves.
With so much water and so few fish you need to be persistent in your efforts and look for the fish.
The location we where at was a good spot with a nice current that would always hold some fish.
With this coastal fishing one or two fish a day would be a very good score so I was happy that I had my first fish.
As I continued fishing I received another strike at the border of rocky bottom / sandy bottom.
The fish hit far out and when I struck I could see that it was a big fish.
When I fought the fish I worried that the tippet might break during the runs.
Alfons was nearby and had the camera in hand to film the whole session.

My personal best seatrout of 70cm.
Personal best seatrout

The close quarter battle became especially interesting as the fish ran every time it saw the landing net.
Fighting the fish on a short line was a classical moment to break the tippet.
I took my time however and finally netted the fish.
I measured the fish at 70cm, the biggest searun brown I had ever caught and well over my Previous personal record of 59 cm.
With this fish the trip was already a great success, my buddies mentioned that they would never take me with them again
– the price of fame I guess 🙂
After this intense fight I needed a break to reflect this great catch.

Time for a break

After the coffee break I headed out to the shore again in search of other searuns.
As I stood in the water some wiggly moved in the waters surface, I turned out to be a ragworm.
I had never witnessed the famous ragworm spawning that took place in Spring, this had to be one of the stragglers.


Off course the next step was to tie on a ragworm fly and hope that it would be the perfect bait for the searuns.
Nothing happened for a long time though so I tied on the flammen again and probed the rocky shoreline.
The flammen was the ticket as I soon hooked the third fish of the day.

Seatrout nr.3 of the day

We fished until sunset and beyond but nobody of our party could get any fish again.
It was my best fishing day in Denmark ever with the largest trout I had ever encountered.
For me the trip was already a great success. After sunset we packed in our gear and got the
keys for our little cottage, good sleep was assured for me.