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Germany 03-06-2012

Germany 03-06-2012

It rained cats and dogs but I just had to try to catch something.
With the stream rising and turning into coffee color I had to be quick and was lucky to find a few perch willing to eat fly.

Icing on the cake was the brown trout that chased the streamer twice.
Switched from gray to black streamer and the fish struck.
I hooked the trout at a spot where landing was impossible so I had to jump into the stream to land the fish, I was wet anyway.
I looked like pig in the end but it was worth it.

Germany 10-06-2012

Germany 10-06-2012

The weather was iffy yesterday so I postponed my fishing trip until today and it was a good choice.
The fish cooperated and oddly the small nymphs with orange beads that where normally useless did the trick today.
Also spotted a couple of trout, landed two of them and will get the rest the next week because I now know where they hide smile.gif

Germany 04-11-2012

Germany 04-11-2012

In the winter months the fishing in the small streams I frequent usually comes
to a halt as fish seem to dissappear for overwintering.
Since temperatures where favorable I could not resist to visit one of the streams
to look for myself how things where going.

It looked pretty bleak in the outdoors as most trees had shed their leaves.
Still there where a few midges on the waters surface and I even spotted a rising fish.

If I had taken the dry fly box with me I would have tried but I only carried nymphs
and streamers.
I tossed in a size 16 goldbead pheaseanttail nymph and soon had the first bites.
The fish turned out to be small chub, the big ones I had seen during the summer
where not to be seen.

Maybe I could lure the big chub by fishing a small zonker streamer in the
deeper sections of the stream.
I probed the mostly likely places with the streamer but only got one hit which
resulted in a bitten off tail of the streamer, most likely a pike.
There where no more hits on the streamer so I tied on a nymph again.
The nymph yielded one larger chub.

The forecast clouds rolled in around afternoon when I decided to call it a day.
First the rain was light but then it just poured and it did not stop untill the
Still a very informative day as I had expected all fish action would be over
because of the late season.

Germany 22-09-2012

Germany 22-09-2012

Trout season was almost done so I made a last visit to the trout section of the stream I fish.
Fishing was difficult, not because of the lack of fish but because of the lack of water in the stream.

The spots that still had some depth to it also had fish.
Besides a few Dace and Roach and managed to catch a Brown trout and a Rainbow trout.
The weather was fine with the exception of a short downpour in the morning.
Fall is definetely in the air as the morning hours where chilly.
The wind and falling leaves made the picture complete, season’s end is near.

Germany 09-09-2012

Germany 09-09-2012

I had heard some rumours that big chub where sighted inone section of the stream
I fished so I had to investigate.
I spotted the first big chub in the waters of the other syndicate.

When I arrived at my own syndicate water I could spot many
chub in a spot that was usually unfishable due to the current.
With the extreme low summer water table it was now possible to get a decent drift with the fly.

I hooked one big chub but he broke me off as he immediately dove into the vegitation.
Only managed some small roach and chub before the midday
sun got to much and activity slowed down to a minimum.

There was one spot left that could yield big fish so I positioned
myself near a rebuild weir where I had caught a big chub earlier this season.
I had one good shot at a massive chub as it moved under my klinkhamer fly and was about to inhale it.
At the last moment the chub hesitated and moved off.
I had a go at some other passing chub but none of them was interested in eating flies.

Out in the windy fields the sun burnt relentlessly.
When my last drinking water was gone and action did not improve I decided to call it a day.
I headed straight to my favorite pub in the nearby hills and enjoyed some good food and drink.
(BTW the pancake contained a filling of mushrooms – chanterelles)

The big chub are out there but catching them is something different, I will get one though before the year is out.

Germany 02-09-2012

Germany 02-09-2012

Trout season’s end is closing in fast so I tried the home stream to see if any trout where left.
Unlike the UK it has not rained that much down here so the water table was really low.
Some of my good pools had filled up with sand and I even noticed a shopping cart had been dumped in the stream, what next …

I could only catch roach and dace allthough I did my best to catch one of the
remaining goldfish that somebody had dumped in the stream.
Amazing that they still have not been cleared out by the herons by now.

I hooked one trout during the day but it snagged me and the light tippet broke. Next week we will try again.

Germany 10-08-2012

Germany 10-08-2012

The last fishing day was upon us, after an early breakfast it was time to check out.
The hotel manager was a funny guy, he asked us why we wanted to check out.
My friend stated “we are out of money”, he replied “I don’t believe you”.

It was not true that we where out of money but this trip was a whole lot more
expensive than our regular trips.
But then again it was worth it every dime as the fishing was fantastic.

The journey home would be a long one, at least 8 hours driving
time where ahead of us.
Fishing time would be limited.
By planning lunch in Hammelburg on the way back home we could
maximize our fishing time.

It was easy to decide where we would fish on this last day, the
same spot as the day before.
As usual I was in no time in my wading gear and while my friend
was still busy getting geared up I was already fishing.
It almost looked like all fish had gone, maybe it was just that I
had arrived on another part of the day and fish would show
themselves later.
The fishing turned out to be pretty tough, not at all like the day before.
I had caught a few fish though so it was time to explore the river downstream, a
new spot for me.

It looked like there where only very few fish located downstream.
My friend had concluded pretty fast that the upstream section near the outflow of
The hydroelectric plant was different on this day, he had not caught a single fish.
We travelled quite a way downstream without ever seeing a rising fish or getting a hit.
When I finally fished a deep bend in the river I got a hit.
I saw a decent rainbow trout follow my streamer but the fish would not take the fly.

At the pool below the deep bend I did get into fish, directly.
I saw two fish shooting away, one was attached to the streamer I fished.
The fish was heavy as it almost doubled my little 7’ #4 rod.
Since I was fishing with a barbless hook I was not sure if I would stay connected
with the fish.
I had no clue what I had hooked, I could only spot a golden colour and assumed
That it either had to be a carp or a barbel.
To my big surprise it turned out to be a big brown trout.

I landed the fish and when I took a look I knew it was a personal best.
This was not something I had expected on this last fishing day.
I walked to a big rock in de middle of the river and just sat there pondering
that I had arrived in fishing Valhalla …

It took a while before I got of my cloud and started fishing again.
The pool also housed a few rainbow trout and some ended at the end of my line.
As I wanted to move further downstream I noticed another fisherman.
I could not move down so I picked my rock again and waited until my friend
He had gotten some fish also so time was not wasted.
As the other fisherman moved away I told my friend to fish the last deep pools.
I would just take in the surroundings for a while.

Time flew by and before we knew it we had to head back to our car.
I arrived first at the pool where we had started the day.
My friend was still busy fishing some sections of the river downstream.
I noticed that all the fish had returned to the pool or at least they where
visible now.
This just called for a few lasts casts so I hauled in three rainbows before
I headed to the bridge where we got out and in of the water.
At the bridge I wondered if the big chub would be anywhere around but I
Only spotted a lonely bream cruising the slow moving water.
That bream would surely be pike fodder one of these days.

The home journey was tedious as we left on a normal working day with lots of
returning holiday traffic and truckers on the road.
All the work crews on the road did not help either.
Due to all the obstacles on the road we arrived at our planned stop in Hammelburg
Bavaria later as planned.
That was not a problem however as we arrived on time for dinner at our Italian restaurant.
The temperature had lowered to a pleasant level while the last sunlight lit up
The valley of the Fränkische Saale.
Dinner was as expected very good at this restaurant.
We could not have wished for a better ending of this perfect five day fishing trip.


Germany 09-08-2012

Germany 09-08-2012

After a second fishing session to the mountain stream we once again spend the afternoon session at the main river.
There was a nice spot we wanted to visit that lay just downstream of a reservoir.

We stopped at a nearby bridge to see if anybody was fishing the spot we intended to visit.
We spotted no fisherman but we did notice that some monster chub
and a single large trout where moving about in the water.

As usual my friend wanted to fish upstream so there was only one way for me to go.
It was not a problem for me though as the downstream section
Boasted the inflow of turbine channel from the hydroelectric plant.
This was a spot with a lot of flow so there had to be fish there.

The water at the outflow itself was quite shallow and I did not get any fish there.
Further downstream though the fly was immediately intercepted by rainbow trout.

Things where going pretty swell as one after the other fish took the fly.
I got my friend on the radio and asked how he was doing at his spot.
Not that great was the answer, he had managed to scare all fish away
In the slow moving water behind the reservoir.
He then ran into two German fisherman who told him not to go any further
Upstream as it was a waste of time, they had only seen and caught pike –
Lot’s of them but tiny fish.

I told my friend he should join me as the pool I fished was large enough to
fish with two people and the fish where once again stacked.

Most fish I caught where rainbow trout but sometimes there was a welcome change when
a brown trout would take the fly.
The surprise of the day was when I hooked a small pike amongst the rainbow trout,
the little bugger imitated the trout by making a few nice jumps.

My friend did also well with the trout so the day still turned out to be good for him.
We fished as usual well into the dark, another perfect fishing day.



The morning session took place at a small stream up in the mountains.
In the afternoon we would hit the main river again.
At the river the water level had gone down quite a bit since the rainfallon Monday.
The sun came out in full force, luckily some clouds and a light breeze
made it tolerable to be outside.

We would visit the same section of the river as we had done the previous day.
As expected the fish where still present in large numbers.

After a while I did get the feeling that it was all too easy so I decided to explore
the river further downstream.
The goal was to eventually get to the spot where the Tenkara boys had fished before.

Oddly on my way to that spot I hardly ran into any fish.
With fish so concentrated in one spot you could not get rid of the thought that fish
had been recently stocked.
When I came near the deeper pools where I wanted to fish I noticed that somebody
was already fishing there.

I stayed upstream from the fisherman until I saw that he took a break on the riverbank.
I walked over and talked fish for a while.
This person was a regular visitor to this river so it was interesting to hear what he
Had to say about the fishing conditions.
I had the luck that he was planning to move to another spot so I could go ahead
With my plans to fish that nice pool there.

The fish where very active in the surface feeding so I picked a very small CDC sedge
pattern and tried my luck.
The pattern I had was just the ticket as I managed to catch some nice rainbow trout.
The fun did not last that long as the deep pools also doubled as a bathing spot for
The local kids.
Before I knew it they where swimming in the spots where moments ago dozens of
Trout had risen.
That was the drawback of fishing this river during the summer, holiday time and
low water….

So back upstream was the only way to go.
When I arrived at the pool where I started the day I noticed that loads of sedges
where on the water.
Oddly they where not bothered by the trout at all.

I could still catch fish on nymphs, action was kind of slow though.
When the sun finally went down surface activity increased and fish began to feed
aggressively on top.

Like the previous days we fished until it was so dark that we could not track our own flies.
The fish however still feeding well into the dark.

Germany 07-08-2012

Germany 07-08-2012

Day 2 of our fishing trip had arrived.
After a good breakfast we headed out to find a new fishing spot for the day.
My friend wanted to fish upstream which left me just one direction to go.

The water had risen and the river was slightly murky due to the rainfall of the previous day.
I could not spot any rising fish although small mayflies where on the water.

The first stretch of the river that I fished seemed lifeless.
In the past this part of the river had a fair amount of chub in it so something had to bite.
After a while I could at least catch one fish.

The end of my beat was formed by a weir.
A turbine channel led from the top of the weir to a small hydroelectric plant.
Usually the deep water would house some fish but even when I switched from
nymph to streamer nothing showed up.
The end of the weir was silted up and I deemed it impassable so I headed
back upstream where I knew some likely fish hideouts.

The first deep hole where I suspected fish only yielded one bite,
It stayed quiet after that.
The next pool housed a nice brown though and when I fought the fish I
noticed that the trout was accompanied by a huge chub.
The trout was landed, the chub disappeared.

Further up I ran into my friend who was doing pretty well catching several
brown trout and even a brook trout on nymphs.
I passed by and walked quite a distance upstream so I would not disturb the water.

Eventually I ended up in the Canyon where the deep pools yielded numerous fish.
Time flew by and so we had to take a break for lunch.
The Italian place was closed now for the summer holidays but the Greek one was still open.
Normally you would combine Greek food with wine but a cool wheat beer is personally more to my liking.

After lunch we headed to a spot far downstream where we had some issues
in the past with a local (pretty deranged) farmer over parking.

On the way to our spot we crossed a bridge over the river and just had to stop
and see what was happing in the water.
It turned out people where already fishing, our colleague from our local flyfishing
club and his son where Tenkara fishing.
We had a grand view from the top of the bridge and gave directions to the
anglers below where the trout where located.
The place was really full of fish.
The kid showed his dad how Tenkara fishing was down as he caught a nice
Rainbow trout.

In the past we had a little run-in with before mentioned farmer and it
was really not a big deal to us but the farmer thought differently.
In the past we had dared to park our car at the roadside on a patch of
grass that according to him was absolutely vital for the survival of his cows.
We did not block traffic or do any damage to this not fenced in roadside
Patch of grass near a bridge but the guy obviously did not like strangers
and foreigner where I guess even worse.

This time we choose a spot to park the car that seemed unlikely to provoke
a conflict with even that deranged farmer but I guess we would only be sure
of that at the end of the day.
My buddy once again wanted to fish upstream (strange guy) so I had to
take a walk downstream.
I walked into the river and on my third cast I hooked into a very lively Rainbow trout.

Fish was present, as I worked my way upstream I came to a deep pool and noticed
That the fish there where really stacked.

Although the airspace just above the water was inhabited by a legion of sedges the trout
Did not go after them.
Instead they nailed something in the film on the surface but as on the previous occasion
I could not see what they where after.
Maybe it was about time to get a small scoop net to see what kind of food was present in The surface.
This time however nymphs where also ready accepted.
After sunset the feeding intensified and we just fished all the way until it got Really dark outside.

When we could not spot the fly anymore we just called it a day.
Another perfect fishing day had ended.