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Germany 21.12.2017

Germany 21.12.2017

With the last fishing outing being fishless due to circumstances I was still on a mission to catch at least one fish in the month of December.
With nothing to do at work due to lack of orders I decided to take a day off and go fishing despite the fact that the stream still carried more than twice as much water as normal.

Once at the stream I noticed that the water was still a lot higher than I liked.
Sand was deposited far up the bank from the time that the water was about four times higher than usual.
There was one spot I expected fish and that was in a deeper pool behind a removed weir.
The current was strong and the visibility was very poor so I was not sure that the fish would be active despite the rather high temperature.

I fished the current seam along the calmer water hoping that the one or the other fish would be stationed there to pick up food items carried along by the current.
The first bite came after a while and actually yielded a roach on the nymph.
I had one other take but could not convert that into a hooked fish.
I tried other likely spots but I could hardly get to them because of slippery banks and short boots.

It rained practically most of the day, light rain but it made the landscape look dull and off course darkness came pretty early.
The end of my fishing session came right on time with the opening of the pub and although the landlord only wanted to
serve me one beer because of that one fish I took two 🙂

This could be the last fishing report of this year so just in case Merry Christmas and a happy New Year but then again with the high temperatures I might sneak in just one more session.

Germany 17.12.2017

Germany 17.12.2017

The local flyfishermen from the other side of the border always organized casting sessions at various locations during the year.
The last one was called the Christmas casting session and usually an excuse to party at one of the local ponds with maybe do some casting along the way.

So I attended the party eh… last casting session and met up with fellow anglers from the region.
And as usual people brought food and drink with them so everybody had a good time.
The instigator of the last session had purchased some Salmon from the fishmongers and prepared the so called flammlax, a specialty from the Scandinavian neck of the woods.

As I was not a great fish eater  I had only one sandwich with the salmon but did have a tasting of the Connemara Single Malt and the Mulled wine with a shot of rum.
My goal was to go fishing once  the party had ended which would be about noon …
Off course the whole thing did not end which reminded me of the time I asked about the ending time of another party where the reply was “The party stops when the last drunkard leaves” .

The last two guys excluding me had promised that the beer keg would have to be emptied and so I stayed along while the daylight faded and the fog settled over the land.
The  temperature dropped near freezing and with the low light and the extreme rainfall and snow melt from the last weeks I figured fishing was useless.

As my buddies had finished their task in emptying the beer keg  and where about to be picked up 
I left for pub for some food more to my liking and vowed I would still have to catch a fish in December before the year ended.
With a couple of dry days the stream might be fishable again and maybe I take a day off from work to end the year with some fish being caught.

Germany 26.11.2017

Germany 26.11.2017

With the miserable weather the last couple of weeks fishing the stream seemed not to make
much sense.
This weekend was again miserable weather wise with  temps in the 40 F range and off course rain … cold rain.
As it poured this morning I pondered wether to tie flies and enjoy the wood burning stove or take
a chance and get outside for a fishing outing.
The fishing outing eventually won and so I went out late in the morning during a break from the continuous showers.

At the stream I noticed that I had severely miscalculated the amount of precipitation from the last week as the stream
was very high and dirty – visibility very poor.
Poor visibility and cold temperatures are a bad mix for catching fish especially the shiners that would
be the main target for me.
I tried to find calm water but both nymph and streamer yielded no response from any fish.

Things where looking gloomy and I dreaded being skunked on this day so I had to come up with a
plan to save the day.
There was one spot in the river which I was absolutely sure that fish would be present thus off I went.
The water at my hotspot was high and dirty but still a little clarity was present which I deemed enough to catch fish.
I tied on a pink/black pheasant nymph and fished it deep in the calmer water.
After several drifts I got a good hit and to my surprise I hooked a brown trout.
The day was saved ….  further drifts yielded another strike this time from a shiner but that fish came off.

Even though it was in the afternoon the light was already dim and with the threatening clouds in the background I called it a day early.
Mission was accomplished and there was now no reason left to go directly to the pub to warm up in front of the fire and get some good grub.

Germany 04.11.2017

Germany 04.11.2017

A very fine day with sunshine and a breeze and as it supposedly was the last one with decent weather I went fishing.

With the Algae bloom a distant memory the water has cleared extremely and the fish have vacated their usual hideouts.
So I struggled to get fish but at least the dace and one roach cooperated plus off course the bonus gudgeon.

With the many geese flying overhead it is clear to me that the stream season is almost over.
I think I have to divert to deeper water soon.

Germany 28.10.2017

Germany 28.10.2017

Today I checked out the work party at the syndicate pond and watched how they transferred the fish to our stream.
The pond was a new addition to our clubs waters but being neglected for a long time a major
renovation was planned and the fish had to go before work could start.

The warm days where definitely over as a storm was brewing in the sky.
Going from a balmy Florida 32 degrees C to a German 12 degrees C was sure a huge difference.

While the work party guys were gearing up for hot soup in the outdoors I choose a more comfortable setup to enjoy lunch
namely in front of the fire in the pub.
The food and the beer were as usual A OK and it was tempting to hang around the fire for the rest of the day.

Somehow I found enough motivation to get up and so I ended up in the stream at the beginning of the storm.
I struggled at first to get any fish but after some adjusting of leader and flies the fish kept coming.
Nothing big but very nice colored out of season trout and the usual shiner species from the stream.

The weather got worse during the day with increasing wind and a continuous shower of light rain.
My timing was a bit off today and darkness came earlier than expected which left me only one option and that was to call it a day.
The water was clear today so I suspect the algae bloom is over, fish where pretty active though.

Germany 17.09.2017

Germany 17.09.2017

Another day of stockie bashing and surprisingly no competition from my fellow syndicate members …
well I did not miss them … the whole place for me alone.

Crazy action with the rainbow trout plus a couple of browns mixed in.
The pike got me again … at least that is my conclusion to the loss of yet another streamer without feeling any resistance.

The silver fish where present but I could not manage more than a few small dace, roach and surprisingly some small rudd.
The rudd are absent in the main stream but I guess that mill pool is suitable for them.

The circular current movement in the pool was almost nonexistent so my nymph hardly moved through the massive school of dace.
The fish had more interest in the strike indicator than the suspended nymph.

Days action started well with the nymph.
In the afternoon the action tapered down significantly and only the streamer coaxed some of the trout out for a bite.

I had hoped for some evening rise but as the skies got darker and the sound of thunder was heard I hightailed out of the premises and went home.

Germany 16.09.2017

Germany 16.09.2017

At the annual gathering of our syndicate members at the mill pool we had some spare time
and fished the nearby pools for anything with fins … fishing was poor but some of the small
stuff did show interest in the nymphs we fished.

When we where lot loose in the mill pool if was stockie bashing allthough there where also
some silver fish to be had.
Even the illistrious pike under the weir made its presence known by cutting me off before
I even knew what hit me.

Germany 03.09.2017

Germany 03.09.2017

It was bright start of the day last Sunday when I was out and about fishing.
The air was so calm and crisp that this only cloud in the distance looked suspicious.
It turned out the be the plume from the cooling tower of the so called AKW Emsland,
a nuclear powerplant located 24 miles northeast of my hometown as the crow flies.

With the sudden deluge at the upper stretch of my river and the consequently muddy
water I choose to fish the major feeder stream for chub.
It was the right choice as the muddy water had reached the lower reaches of my stream
while the feeder was crystal clear.
There was not a lot of action going on at the feeder but some fish where rising in the shallow
water. The first fish of the day was a nice dace that took the sedge I fished.
The dace had a very dark color probably an adaption to the environment of the feeder stream.

Off course getting a few fish from the shallow water was ringing the alarm bell for the remaining fish
so action died down eventually.
I spotted the larger fish once again and could even drop a fly in front of them due to the slightly
higher water but they did not even take a look.

I visited the upstream section of my stream in order to be near to my lunch site and was surprised
that the stream had cleared up again.
I could not get any fish though, a few tiny roach, dace and gudgeon was all I got.
Meanwhile in the adjacent mill pool the rainbows where clearly visible moving around.
The spot was off limits but I have to say I was tempted to fish there.
What kept me from fishing there was the fact that it could not be done unseen and they would have
probably booted me from the fishing club instantly.

I enjoyed my lunch break in the pub and for a change I ordered the special of the day, in this case
a plate of spaghetti Bolognese … it was good but the plate was a little small … maybe they should
off it in XXL size next time.
I left the personnel at the pub dazed and confused because of the different menu and tried my
luck for an hour or so at the headwaters.

I could not coax many fish out of the shallow pools although I had a first when a roach tried to
impersonate a trout by actually jumping out of the water.
The real deal, trout that is where nowhere to be found.
In a few weeks I will get a chance to fish the mill pool for some stockies and after that I hope to
get some snook, jacks and spotted seatrout if the hurricane season permits it.

Germany 02.09.2017

Germany 02.09.2017

There was a deluge yesterday in the area of my syndicate, trash bins where floating through the
streets …
A stationary front dumped such an amount of water in a short time that the drainage system could
not cope, cellars got flooded … emergency services and the fire brigade worked overtime.

So fishing the stream was maybe not the smartest thing to do today but as the syndicate had the
annual ladies fishing event I made the pilgrimage anyway.
As expected the stream was dirty and high but judging by the deposited dirt on the banks it had dropped considerably.

I fished one of my sure shot spots without even getting a single bite which caused me to worry extremely,  blanking … no that could not be.
The second spot yielded bites and the day saver came in the form of a mighty gudgeon.
Fishing the pool thoroughly even brought a nice little brown to the surface.

With fish being caught my day was saved and off course that had to be celebrated in the pub with
lunch of some cold beers.
After lunch I met up with the syndicate members at the mill and was ready to watch the ladies going
I had the luck to be assigned to catch fish for the lady of the house that hosted our syndicate on their grounds and
so I was tasked to get three trout out of the mill pool.

It was a difficult task with that stained water but when the roach started taking the nymph I
suspected that the trout would do the same eventually.
It turned out they did and with some luck I got the required trout in the allotted time.
All the ladies caught their fair share of fish and the new angling queen was celebrated with
coffee, cake and Champaign.
A very pleasant fall day … perfect weather for the venue.

Germany 26.08.2017

Germany 26.08.2017

With the chub being so responsive lately I once again fished my chub hotspot.
The first thing I noticed was the ridiculously low water levels at my favorite chub hole.
Hole being maybe the wrong word as the depth was not a mere 10cm … in the middle of the stream.
Even the landing of the fly + leader on the water scared the chub and made them scatter into all

After landing a few fish the action was more or less over as the fish became wary.
The big ones where once again on station but usually located in the thick cover of the aquatic plants.
With the low water level and the fact that the plants where protruding the surface casting to them
was impossible.
If I would ever hook a big fish down there I would probably have to wade in as the fish would
immediately dive into the plants.

A few casts in the fast water of the removed weir yielded a tiny trout and a nice roach.
I spend quite some time tossing flies to the chub in the rapids but they would not have it.

I spend some time on a few more remote locations but in the almost stagnant water
the only fish I could manage where small chub and dace.
The riffles in the outback did have some big fish in them, chub and most likely barbel
or slim carp but impossible to approach.

It occurred to me that the layout of the stream really worked against me.
A small shallow stream, heavily overgrown banks on a 45 degree angle.
You just could not sneak up to the fish and make a proper cast while not scaring the fish away.

I returned to the spot I started late in the day and as the water was so low I decided to
wade in with my wellies and make long casts to fish far far away.
That yielded some more chub but none of the monster size ones.
So hoping for more water in the stream, might get a big one before the season ends.