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Flyfishing Netherlands March 6th. 2011

Flyfishing Netherlands March 6th. 2011

Fellow flyfisher Joop called me yesterday and asked if I wanted to tag along
to one of the streams near the city to fish for perch.
It sounded like a good idea and so we headed out in sub-zero temperatures
to the stream.

Pike season had ended in February so I adapted my gear to the perch.

We walked the stream for miles without any signs of life in the water.
I did notice some of the rare white herons flying over – a more welcome
sight than those evil cormorants.
The first sign of life from the water came when I hooked the root of a
waterlily, appearantly the scuds where pretty active.

We thoroughly fished all the known hideways of the fish but nothing happened.
The spot I thought would produce fish was a junction of the main stream with
a small feeder.
That feeder stream came from a nearby nature preserve that consisted mostly out of heather and moorland hence the tea coloration.

The junction was usually full of reeds in the summer and loads of dace and roach would hang out there – a good spot for predators.
I hooked a fish downstream of the junction and noticed immediately that it was a pike. 
I was fishing a small weighted zonker without a trace so I expected to disconnect at any minute but by some miracle the fish stayed on.

I quickly deployed my large landing net to scoop up the pike.
After a short photo session the fish was released back into the cold water.
It was good to be out today even though it was a tad chilly.

Just a short while for the trout opener – than we will be visiting our neighbors in Germany again.

Flyfishing Netherlands Jan.23 rd. 2011

Flyfishing Netherlands Jan.23 rd. 2011

Went out pikefishing today with the guys from
the local flyfishingclub and got hold of my 
second pike of this year.

Last time I had to beach the fish and it got 
away before I could take a picture.
This time I actually remembered to bring the 
net with me 🙂

Flyfishing Netherlands Feb.6th. 2011

Flyfishing Netherlands Feb.6th. 2011

Plan A today was to head to Germany to fish the river for the first time this year.
I had hoped that the wind would die down today but I still could hear the wind howling this morning.

I opted to go for plan B which was fishing the harbor in the town I work.
Main target was perch so I took my 4-weight superfine rod plus some small zonker streamers with me.

My usual good spots where pretty useless today, the strong wind had kicked up so much silt that visibility was minimal.
I received not a single hit on the fly as I probed the walls and docks of the harbor.
As a last ditch effort I tried the dead end stretch at the courthouse.

When I tossed a streamer near a bridge I saw fish following so my hopes where up.
After a while I began to catch the perch, the majority very small but there where also some nice one among them.
Not bad for a day with rotten weather.