Fyn 17-04-2009

Fyn 17-04-2009

On day 2 of the trip we got up early to fish the beach along our cottage.
In the marshes in the back a small stream flowed into the bay making it
a hotspot for searun brown trout.
I was the earliest bird that morning so I made my way to the tip of the beach
to fish the mouth of the bay imagining it would have to be a trout highway.

The early bird ...
Baltic sea

It was quite chilly that morning, overnight temperatures dipped to freezing point.
Like the day before the waters surface yielded no signs of fish.
A couple of nets along the way where fished thoroughly since they usually where
hangouts of the searuns.
I did not make it to the point though since a sign in Danish mentioned that the 
rest of the beach to the tip was off limits due to bird breeding season.
I could not wait until June 15th – end of the nesting season so I doubled back.

The other guys tried the same stretch of beach but had no luck either.
I should have tried that place at night.

The rest of the gang
Baltic sea

At our cottage it was time for breakfast, next step would be the rather long drive to
Odense to visit the “Go fishing” store.
Hans still had to pick up his Orvis shooting basket and I had to get some of these
protection thingy’s to keep my stripping hand in one piece.

The rental
The rental

We arrived at the shop in Odense which was located right next to the Odense river.
It was a real candy store for us, lots of gear, flies and clothing.
A PC connected to a flat screen with internet access enabled us to follow up on a tip
to fish one of the small islands near Fyn.
The cost of the ferry though and the unfavorable timing schedule quickly convinced us
that this was not an option for us, we would stay on the main island.
We got our gear, inquired about the fishing conditions and got on our way to the next fishing
Next stop was the Odense Fjord, the outer point near the pilot station.

Pilot station in Odense Fjord
Odense Fjord / Gabet

Before heading out into the bay we had a coffee break with as luxury item a cake.
No need to hurry in these sunny conditions.

A nice place to live

The wind was blowing pretty strong into the inlet so all the guys left for the more sheltered
I liked inlet fishing so I tried the deeper water in front of me, the only other angler around was a local with a spinning rod.

Odense Fjord
Odense Fjord

I was struggling with the wind and just as I was about to leave the windy part of the fjord
I heard on the radio that Tom had caught a first trout in the bay.
Walking past the pilot station the bay was in front of me, miles of clear water with the 
so revered leopard bottom.
A close inspection among the seaweed showed that despite the low water temperature critters
where active , shrimp and small baitfish where scooting among the weed.

Clear water

The whole bay looked fishy but I did not have a single take.
I was fishing besides a large net when my fishing buddy Joop called me onto shore
for a coffee break.
As I waded towards shore with the flyline out I suddenly felt a tug, yep a trout hit the 
The slack in the line made the contact short though, the fish just fell off.

Odense Fjord
Hans in action

The rest of the day all stayed quiet, around sunset hordes of locals came out of the bushes
to fish the golden hours around sunset.
After sunset all the Danes left – fishless.
I tried the inlet once more but a shift in the tide had turned the water into a murky soup at the
Loads of floating weed made me head back further into the bay.

Sunset at Odense Fjord

I believe on this day only Tom and Hans scored a fish, it was tough out there.
This was my first visit to Odense fjord and despite the absence of fish I really liked
the place, a place to return to in the future.
So day 2 ended in skunk for me, nothing to worry about since next day could only get better.

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