Fyn 18-04-2009

Fyn 18-04-2009

Day 3 of the trip consisted of a visit to the coast at Wedellsborg on the western shores of Fyn.
This stretch of coastline was very near to our cottage. It was a place I had visited on numerous occasions in the past and it had never let me down.
The beach was a very interesting spot, beginning with a deep bowl and then a long stretch along the cliffs with a fine leopard bottom.

West Fyn
West Fyn

Some members of our crew could not stomach the seatrout fishing anymore, intimated by the wide open spaces
of the coast they had opted to fish a river on the mainland.
Even though they where warned in advance that it was to early to visit the rivers they pursued their plan and
left the beach to Tom, Joop and yours truly.

Good riddance, bunch of infidels 🙂

So the beach was ours, Tom and Joop left for the cliffs at the end while I fished the deep bowl in front of the stretch.
Persistence yielded my first fish of the day, a nice seatrout once again caught on the flammen streamer.
The fish hit the fly right in the deep bowl quite a distance from shore.


Fish where present so I fished the bowl and slowly waded with the tide along the beach.
After half an hour another fish hit the fly, this fish was a bit smaller than the first one.
I intercepted a radio message that Joop had gotten his first fish of the trip and that he actually
saw hunting fish in the section he was fishing.

Joop fishing the flats
Joop with his first seatrout

Tom had also gotten fish contact but somehow every fish he fought managed to throw the hook.
With the boulders on the beach a back cast could always end with a fly – stone collision but
Tom was experienced enough to notice a dull hook point.
In his case it was just plane bad luck.

I moved slowly to the location where Joop was at and noticed rings in the surface, hunting trout.
I missed a take, I noticed though the fish where small.
A large boulder further from shore lay in front of me and it just begged for a long range cast.
As soon as the fly landed near the boulder I got a strike.
The hook was thrown though, from the initial contact it felt like a large fish.

In Joop’s corner of the fjord I changed flies and tied on a small zonker.

That fly change yielded two wannabe searuns for me.

Wanneby seatrout

The small searuns where hunting in front of us but I decided in the end to go back to the deep bowl to look for bigger fish.
The tide was coming in and the wind suddenly shifted ending the activity of the small trout.
In the mean time our freshwater friends a.k.a the infidels returned from their one hour drive from the mainland.
They had visited the river, seen some small fish and decided they did not want to fish there.
What a waste of time!, instead they joined us to fish until sunset.
I joined up with Tom at the deep bowl along the beach.

Tom fishing the deep bowl

It was around sunset and we hoped for some increase in fish activity.
Toms soon hooked into a fish as his rod was pulled into a nice bend.
Suddenly the line went slack and Tom lost his sixth battle with the trout, bummer!
20 minutes later I was into my 5th fish of the day.

Trout nr.6 of the day

nr. 6
nr. 6
I fished until sunset, my last catch of the day was the sun as it settled over mainland Jutland.
Exhausted we drove back to the cottage.

Sunset at WedellsborgSunset at Wedellsborg

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