Fyn 19-04-2009

Fyn 19-04-2009

Fyn 19-04-2009

The last day was upon us and since we had to travel 6 hours back to the Netherlands time
to fish was limited to a couple of hours.
After cleaning up the cottage we had to drop the keys at the rental agency in Assens hence
we ended up again at Sonderby klint.

I guess the high tide and wind had caused the water to become very discoulered.
The outher edge of the weed patch though still had clear water so I decided to fish the
border between clear and dirty water.

At Sonderby

My tactic payed off as I got into a nice fish.
As I netted the fish it spat out its last dinner which was to me at least a surprisinly large sandeel.

It was rather unique that I caught something on the last day as I always blanked so I was quite
a happy caper.
The rest of the guys where desperately trying to catch a fish but luck was just not on their side.

The rest of the guys trying hard
Trying to catch a fish

After a couple of hours our time on Fyn was up.
I took a last look at the grand landscape, packed in my gear and thought mission accomplished.
Untill next year Fyn. 

Fyn er fin
Time to go

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