Last week the temperature drop was not exactly inviting for fishing.
For Saturday I had once again a working party at the hatchery.
On the way to the hatchery I noticed frosty fields and ice sheets on the 
puddles of the back roads.

Work at the hatchery consisted in draining the pond that housed the small brown trout.
Some members carefully moved around in the pond with nets to get the
trout while the water was pumped out.
I was hoisting the fish out and put them in a temporary holding basin.
After that it was back again to get the leaves out of the remaining ponds.

I had to stay longer at the hatchery to help out the last guy working.
Our best man was cleaning the small pond with a high pressure cleaner and he took his job very serious.
In the mean time I was drying up at the wood burning stove in our clubhouse.
When the work was finally done the sun was already low in the sky and it was getting cold.

With just an half hour of daylight left I tried to fish the river but I just could not get into fish and so I had to call it a blank.
Since the fish where not biting all I could do was to hit the pub, always a pleasure.

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