Germany 02-06-2019, flyfishing for trout.

Germany 02-06-2019, flyfishing for trout.

Fishing for trout on a hot summers day.
At the pub the previous day I chatted with one of the locals.
I received vital information about the location of trout.
Appearantly the boys from the local syndicate had been stocking trout.
I ditched my next day plan for chub fishing and went for the trout instead.
I arrived early at the water where I expected to at least some trout.

Off course my first though was that this would be easy pickings but to my surprise the trout where in no feeding mood.
Whatever I tried the fish where not interested in dry fly, nymph or streamer. I did get three trout and a couple of dace on nymphs and dry flies but it was not easy.
Even at the end of the day when the mayflies appeared in some numbers action did not improve.

Brown trout

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