Germany 02.08.2020

Germany 02.08.2020

I checked the river gauges and found them all to be low.
More or less what you could expect in high summer.
I was early on the water looking for fish in the chub section of the stream.

The first big fish came up to check out the hopper but decided it had to be fake. The second fish seemed upset by the hopper landing in front of it’s nose and scooted off.
The third fish looked interested but needed some convincing.
A few tugs on the hopper did the trick.

I hooked a nice chub and as chub do it ran into the weeds.
The fish was stuck under the bank lodged in the aquatic growth.
I had to get in again to grab the fish but this time the depth was ok,
resulting just in some wet pants which was tolerable in summer.

I got a few of the smaller fish on the hopper before I noticed that contrary to the weather forecast something was brewing in the sky.
Thick dark clouds gathered and my plan to outrun the rain failed.
I was soaked when I entered the pub for lunch.

I stayed quite a while at the pub and met up with one of my friends before we hit the river for a late fishing session.
The water was low, no deep holes left so all I could muster where some small roach and dace.

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