Germany 07-09-2019

Germany 07-09-2019

The plan of the day was to watch the syndicates ladies fishing tournament at the mill pool.
First though I headed to the same spots where I had encountered some leftover trout last week.
Last week I was not alone fishing the trout stretch as a kid told me he had been trying to catch those trout for weeks now.
When I did not encounter any trout anymore I guess he had accomplished his mission.
All I caught where the usual small roach and gudgeons.

I was early at the mill pool and only our syndicates fearless leader was busy arranging the tables and chairs for the obligatory coffee and cake.
I took a peak at the mill pool and watched the carp sunning in the calm water.
Also present the rudd and dace actively feeding.
As usual some trout had found a way to jump on the legde just above the weir and where moving gently in the current.

Meanwhile under the weir the dace where picking off insects in the surface while two very big rainbows where chasing fish in the deeper water.
To be honest the sight of all those fish and the fact that I could not fish for them was to much for me.
I skipped my plan for the day and headed for the pub to flush my sorrow away.

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