Germany 13-06-2020

Germany 13-06-2020

A hot and sticky weekend was predicted with local thunderstorms.
I went outside at 0500 hrs and looked at a cloudy sky which looked like
rain was imminent.
The clouds moved west, I headed east so I was good.
I planned was to visit the chub section of the stream and try for the big ones. The clouds however changed my plan, I did not trust the weather.
No fun in walking in the open landscape when all hell would break loose.

I crossed the upper section of the stream and noticed rising fish.
I stopped, got in the waders and tried to catch fish in ultra shallow water.
A sedge pattern yielded only a tiny dace, the perdigon did better.
I managed to get a mixed bag of roach, dace and trout.

When  I spotted the big brown from last week again I just could not resist to toss another big mayfly under the tree, same result.
After the pub lunch I continued to fish for a trout that I missed last time.
I scared off the fish at first but lost track of where it went.
I figured it might have hidden under some submerged brushes.
The mayfly landed near the bank and as it drifted close to the brushes
the trout came out and nailed the fly.

With the unstable weather I watched the radar from time to time.
When I saw a big red spot moving in my direction I called it quits.
It stayed dry with these thunderclouds it is better to be safe than sorry.

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