Germany 13-07-2021

Germany 13-07-2021

For last Sunday I had planned an early trip to a section of the stream that is beyond
the stretch I am allowed to fish.
I purchased a day ticket and was at the water around 06:00 watching dozens of fish

As with the trip last Friday the banks where virtually inaccessible.
The only way to safely reach the water was by means of the steps at the small
gage house.
I fished a small blue dun pattern and the first fish of the day was a small bleak.
Most of the fish rising where small bleak but some chub where mixed in.

The water was just too deep to move around in hip waders.
Next stop was the fast riffle above the weir that was accessible by wading
from the bank.
No fish where rising in that section and blind casting a big mayfly or dropping
nymphs in the current yielded no bites.

I moved down to the end of the riffle where the weir started.
On the calm water I noticed one rise so I made a few casts with the mayfly.
One one of the cast a fish came up and nailed the fly, it was a trout.
I only got one jump out of the fish as it threw the hook, bummer.

Further downstream in the shaded part I noticed a couple of chub behind a tree
in the water.
Casting from the bank would not cut it so I had to go in.
The sediment left over from the recent water was tricky though and I landed faster down
the bank than intended … in the drink again.
With only some wet waders and a covering of mud I continued fishing,

The part of the stream that flowed through the open landscape had no visible fish in the surface.
Too early in the season I guessed.
I noticed one big chub under a tree but the banks again overgrown with a very steep incline.
The water was also deep, once you fell in almost no way to get out.
I tried one hot spot upstream but nothing present so I left for the home waters.

At the home waters again no fish visible.
I blindcasted a know hotspot with the mayfly and a very big chub came up to suck the fly in.
Unfortunately that was at the end of the drift and when the fly began to drag the chub
disappeared into the depth.

Next stop the feeder stream, talked with a guy who walked his dog and he told me some
big chub where present at a bend in the stream.
I went there and behold a few big ones where moving around but rather deep in the water
Fished from the steep high bank in the outer bend was no good so I had to go to the other bank.
I guessed the depth would be just right to wade through but I was wrong, anyways I was
focused so I moved on,

The big fish would not surface to intercept the mayfly, I only managed small fish.
Obviously these fish where not easy to fool and I guess they did not like my presence.
Last stop was the clubhouse where some fish where present in the wide shallow section.
Again the mayfly did not generate enough interest for a strike.
The only big chub I spotted in the open was not interested in my mayfly as it was pursued
by a rather large pike.
Both fish disappeared out of my vision, hint for the next time to run a streamer through there.

At the shallow section I noticed small baitfish jumping out of the water and suspected a perch
or pike might be present.
It turned out to be a chub so I tied on a woolly bugger and blind casted some spots but no hits.

Got a call from my friend that they where fishing the main stream and where taking a break
at the pub later so obviously I had to go.
Left the pub late and a steady run back home until I came on the bike path through the moor.
They had recently installed a set of gates with a cattle grid to give the cows access to
the pastures at either side of the bike path.

The cows had decided the bike path was a good place for a blockade.
Cows a big and stupid so there is an element of danger, I was locked in a stare down
with them.
I had no intention to around several miles so I slowly pushed forward and was ganged
up by the lot sniffing and inspecting my fishing gear.
They made way though in the end … no bulls present this time.

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