Germany 19-09-2020

Germany 19-09-2020

A bright sunny day just beckoned for chub fishing.
An early start was out of the question as it was fall and the morning
temperatures where quite low.
The first spot I visited boasted some chub and I had the first fish quite
early on.

A little walk along the stream revealed a very big chub in the middle
of the stream hovering in the surface.
I managed to put the fly right in front of the fish without scaring it
as I usually do.
The chub moved slowly towards the fly and tried to gulp it down.

Tried because yours truly was again to quick on the strike and yanked
the fly out of reach of the fish.
The fish submerged to be never seen again.
A trip to a feeder stream yielded chub nr. 2 of the day and later finally
the largest one of the day measuring 40cm.

Fishing was tough, quite some wind from the east and also a sun low
in the sky that made spotting fish very difficult for me.
Alas the fish had less problems seeing me … they ran …

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