Germany 19-10-2019

Germany 19-10-2019

As my holiday in Florida came to an end I had already planned the next fishing outing at the mill pool.
When my plane from Fort Myers arrived in Atlanta at the domestic gate my connecting flight to Amsterdam was already boarding.
I made it ASAP through the terminal was just in time at the gate … my luggage however dit not made it on time.
The flight left at 20.00 hrs in the evening, arrival next morning aroud 10.00 hrs in the morning in Amsterdam.
When I finally arrived at home in the afternoon I gathered my freshwater setup for the next day fishing.

I was not early up the next morning but at least I made it to the mill pool in the afternoon.
The weather was dull and rainy just as you would expect it in fall.
Trout season ended on oct. 20th and then the mill pool would be closed again for a full year untill the end of September.
As I still had a fast sinking polyleader on the reel my first attempt to catch some fish was to drag a streamer through the pool.
I was pretty confident I would get a hit from the one or the other left over trout but nada.
Even with the nymph I could not get any fish to bite which was a bit strange.

I checked the outflow of the mill pool and carefully fished the next deeper spot and finally got into a brown trout.
I went back to the mill pool and after many casts I had another brown trout plus a small roach.
I wondered why the fish where not biting as normally you would have enough hits of the dace and roach on the fly.

I checked out various spots at various depths in the pool but no fish to be had.No fish to be seen but I did spot some flies in the bushes which looked like they where recently dropped there, barbless flies so they went directly in my fly box. Since I had time on my hand I figured it was time to experiment.
The weir off the mill was set back a distance from the pool.
The water would fall on a concrete slab where the depth was maybe 5 inches or more. For some reason trout would jump up on that concrete slab from the pool and lie just under the weir.

I had not spotted any fish but when I dropped a nymph in the whitewater I saw that a trout went for the strike indicator.
I tied on one of the found flies which was a fluo green nymph with a red metallic bead. After several casts I had a solid hookup and fought the fish and forced it to move off of the concrete slab into the mill pool.
Turned out to be a nice rainbow trout with good colors.
Near sunset I fished the end of the mill pool and allthough I spotted several trout my nymphs where left untouched.
There was one pretty big trout moving in the shallows but again no show on the fly.
With no action and fading daylight I figured I could better spend my time at the pub for dinner so that was the trout season for me.

Despite the lack of bites still a pretty good day with three trout caught.

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