Flyfishing Germany May 24th. 2009

Flyfishing Germany May 24th. 2009

Early morning on a bright sunny summers day we stood on the
banks of our stream.
Once again we fished the upper reaches of the stream due to recent 
successful trips to that section.
Water levels had dropped even more than on the previous visit, some
of the sandbars where now exposed to the air.
There where a lot of flying insects about, most notably the big mayflies.
The mayfly action did not go unnoticed with the fish so many times
loud splashes where heard.
In one of the deeper pools I tried to nail a trout but instead kept catching
Rudd and Roach.

Roach on the Copper John.

Rudd on the San Juan worm.

A trip to one of the feeders was disappointing, I did not manage to catch
A single fish there.
Footsteps on the muddy banks probably meant that someone had cleaned
Out the trout from that section.
I returned to the main stream again to tangle with the fish.
One fish continuously rose under the same tree, almost impossible to reach.
Still I tied on a large mayfly that made a nice drift under the tree, just before
the current would drag the fly the fish pounded the fly.
I had expected a trout but it turned out to be a rudd.

Rudd on the mayfly.

Normally rudd where pretty scarce in the stream but this section had a lot of
them, this species was a surface feeder so perfectly suited for dry fly fishing.
Just before we left I had to catch a trout so I tied on a small zonker streamer
and probed some of the undercut banks.

Icing on the cake, rainbow trout at the end of the session.

The streamer did the trick and at the end of the fishing session I managed to
land a pretty rainbow trout.

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