Germany 17.09.2017

Germany 17.09.2017

Another day of stockie bashing and surprisingly no competition from my fellow syndicate members …
well I did not miss them … the whole place for me alone.

Crazy action with the rainbow trout plus a couple of browns mixed in.
The pike got me again … at least that is my conclusion to the loss of yet another streamer without feeling any resistance.

The silver fish where present but I could not manage more than a few small dace, roach and surprisingly some small rudd.
The rudd are absent in the main stream but I guess that mill pool is suitable for them.

The circular current movement in the pool was almost nonexistent so my nymph hardly moved through the massive school of dace.
The fish had more interest in the strike indicator than the suspended nymph.

Days action started well with the nymph.
In the afternoon the action tapered down significantly and only the streamer coaxed some of the trout out for a bite.

I had hoped for some evening rise but as the skies got darker and the sound of thunder was heard I hightailed out of the premises and went home.

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