Germany 28.10.2017

Germany 28.10.2017

Today I checked out the work party at the syndicate pond and watched how they transferred the fish to our stream.
The pond was a new addition to our clubs waters but being neglected for a long time a major
renovation was planned and the fish had to go before work could start.

The warm days where definitely over as a storm was brewing in the sky.
Going from a balmy Florida 32 degrees C to a German 12 degrees C was sure a huge difference.

While the work party guys were gearing up for hot soup in the outdoors I choose a more comfortable setup to enjoy lunch
namely in front of the fire in the pub.
The food and the beer were as usual A OK and it was tempting to hang around the fire for the rest of the day.

Somehow I found enough motivation to get up and so I ended up in the stream at the beginning of the storm.
I struggled at first to get any fish but after some adjusting of leader and flies the fish kept coming.
Nothing big but very nice colored out of season trout and the usual shiner species from the stream.

The weather got worse during the day with increasing wind and a continuous shower of light rain.
My timing was a bit off today and darkness came earlier than expected which left me only one option and that was to call it a day.
The water was clear today so I suspect the algae bloom is over, fish where pretty active though.

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