Germany 02.09.2018

Germany 02.09.2018

There is a saying here over the border “Reale Welt … Ponyhof” which roughly means
life is not always perfect which could cover todays fishing.

As no meaningfull rain has fallen the local stream is still at its lowest level and frankly
it seems the fish have gone in the upper reaches.
All I could manage was a small roach and the tiniest gudgeon of the season.

In a last ditch effort I fished a slow moving stretch inside a village hoping for rising dace.
The sun was already low in the sky so spotting fish was difficult but I found an army of
dace in the surface and the first cast was a direct hit.
Off course all the racket dispersed the remaning fish in all directions so that spot was
The last spot I fished was already void of sunshine and pretty dead so I called it a day

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