Germany 05.08.2018

Germany 05.08.2018

With the drought and high temperatures around here I had to move my fishing activities
further downstream in the open countryside where the many chub seem to thrive in the hot weather.

The open country side and high banks  prevented a sneaking up on the big fish and
usually the landing of the fly caused the big fish to move and the small ones to attack.

At one pool I saw a fish that had eluded me for several sessions now.
It saw me and slowly moved to the start of the pool out of my visual range.
A few probing casts to the front yielded the desired reaction and at last I had caught
one of the better chub of the stream.

I checked out some other spots I had not fished before and behold they had many
good fish present.
Missed a few shots but also got some of the fish I targeted.
Now I only hope for rain and cooler temperatures so that we have some water left for the fish to swim in.

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