Germany 17-11-2018

Germany 17-11-2018

With high pressure building over Russia and the winds shifting to the east the end of
regular fishing seemed to be near.
I started my fishing session late in the afternoon to be on the water when the air temperature peaked.
Wind and frost had made short work of the remaining foliage and the predominant color now
was brown.

Normally I would have betted on the inner village stretches of the stream to get at least some
bites but today it was different.
Fearing a complete blank I headed into the forest to see if fish where to be had.
As it had not rained properly since April the stream was ultra low and with the extreme clarity stalking
fish was almost impossible.
Surprisingly however fish where moving about and eventually I caught a few small ones.

As the sun was setting the temperature dropped fast towards freezing so it was time to end
the session and head for the warmth of the pub.
Now I had hoped to order some new dishes from the menu but after inquiry I was informed that
it was still in the works … delayed.
Off course I could not file this report without any food pics so I made a few.
Also notice the Christmas setting … decorations are already in place.

From the menu today:  Beef soup, Grilled Feta Cheese with Salad, French fries all washed away
with the dark wheat beers and off course the obligatory cake and coffee to finish it all off.

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