Germany 19-10-2018

Germany 19-10-2018

My holiday was pretty ok but alas it could not last forever.
Now I still had three day tickets left for the mill pool, in this case Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The session on Wednesday fell through the roof as one of my friends sold me firewood
which needed proper storing … it took longer than expected so fishing was off.

Today I went ahead to the mill pool and was shocked at what I  saw, the pool full of leaves
and white foam lines on the water.

As it had not rained properly since April the drought had reached epic proportions.
The water had an eerie tannic color probably caused by the leaves.

Normally the river would be flushed by the frequent rains in fall but now nothing.
I found the water level in the pool high, all the leaves blocked the flow at the end of the

pool. Before I could do any fishing I made an opening at the lower end of the pool so
some of the leaves could be flushed out.

It worked out pretty well as after an hour or so some open spaces appeared.
A nymph dropped right under the main weir yielded a variety of roach and dace.

I had figured the last week of the trout season and thus the last week of the mill
pool being open would be quiet but I had not calculated school vacations.
So before long other anglers appeared, I was not sure if the lead bombs they tossed
where intended to hit me standing at the opposite bank or if they were just bad casters.

These anglers where more busy watching their smartphones than the floats they fished.
So the fish got scared and nobody was catching anything anymore.

I decided to move downstream to see if there was a quiet spot to fish and there was but
just no fish to be seen.
When after a while I came back at the mill pool I noticed that the competition had gone.

Peace and quiet at last … and fish started rising.
The overgrown banks where the spot to go as I had numerous bites there catching
a few rudd and at last some pretty decent brown trout.

When the sun was gone I went to pub for dinner, it all worked out fine at the end.

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