Germany 20-10-2018

Germany 20-10-2018

With the ending of the trout season on oct. 20th. I went for a last time to the mill pool.
It was the first time I had a real fall feeling with all this mist and the low temperatures in the morning.

My action of the previous day by removing some debris from the lower weir had helped to clear the mill pool

and early on fish where active at the front of the weir.
The only competition at the time was luckily another flyfisherman from the syndicate who early on was into two trout.
The trout eluded me and when they came near the interest went out to the strike indicator and not the fly.
At least I could catch a dace early on.

Fishing was really slow but in the afternoon some fish started rising so I fished a small emerger hoping
I would get at least one trout before the end of the season.
All I got though where more dace and when some high level clouds dimmed the sunlight the action died down.
When the sun was setting I feared I might end the last day of the trout season troutless.

In a latch ditch effort I tied on a heavy nymph and fishing it deep near one of the walls of the mill where I
knew the water was deep and where I had a hit on the previous day.

My prayers where answered as the indicator went down and I was in to a good fish.
The fish on the other end of the line was a nice rainbow trout fighting very well.

With that last trout I could end my troutfishing season properly and go to the pub for a well deserved meal.
I had noticed that my waders where not so watertight anymore and that the water temperature was quite
a bit lower than the outside air temperature.
Luckily the fireplace at the pub was in service so I grabbed a chair and warmed up first before
I started my meal.
The bad news … no dinner pictures, the good news … at the pub they where busy assembling a new
menu so who knows what the future might bring.


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