Germany 21.07.2018

Germany 21.07.2018

There had been a change it the weather pattern on this day … it was even hotter than usual and humid.

I was again off to the chub spot but could not get much responses from the fish.
The water table had even got a little lower and fish would run for cover if the leader hit the water.
I did get a few small chub but the bigger ones were just milling around showing no signs of feeding.

The only shot I had at a good fish was when it positioned itself under my dry fly and was about to inhale
it, to bad it had second thoughts and moved away.

With the land so scorched right now insect activity was low, maybe the fish are feeding at other times.
I had to make a visit to the clubs hatchery in the afternoon and by now the heat was unbearable and
clouds massed in the sky – thunderclouds.

When I left the hatchery the sky was rumbling and sooner or later a thunderstorm would come.
I took my break at the pub as usual and waited for the rain to come … it took a while.
I was already on the water when it started to rain, it was not much but at least it flushed the dust

I was lucky enough to end the day with a few small trout, the rainbow trout was the best fish.

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