Germany 27-8-2018

Germany 27-8-2018

For a change I visited the upper section of my stream and well it still was pretty miserable
due to the low water conditions.
The levels had risen slightly but the water was still murky and almost stagnat.

It was very windy with rain mixed in so the dry fly fishing was not really an option.
As fishing the nymphs got me nowwhere and I could still spot fish in the surface of the
murky water I decided to give the dry fly a shot.

The first dace came from a distance to intercept the fly, a cautious bit but a bite nonetheless.
I tried to pick up some dace from a slow moving stretch that was out of the wind but
I just could not connect to the fish, again very cautious fish.
As I spotted so many yellow jacket I wonderered where they came from and soon noticed
a hole in the river bank dotted with them … nasty critters and a dangerous location near
a public footpath.

Near a brigde I spotted some very large dace but the wind and waves where making
my life difficult, with some luck I managed one fish from the school and that was it.
Other locations further afield only yielded tiny roach on nymphs and a few small
brown trout, guess without a decent amount of water the fishing stay like this.

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