Germany 28-10-2018

Germany 28-10-2018

With the last week of my vacation the endless summer also ended.
The heavy rain that we needed did not materialize, just low temperatures and some sprinkles.
Temperatures plummeted abruptly last weekend, when I started my fishing session
it was barely over freezing.

In the early cold morning the sky was still clear, with the low temperatures I expected that
the fish would not be in the biting mode.
I tried one of my former hotspots and surprisingly the first fish that hit the nymph was a small
perch, even a small dace decided to bite.
The flow through the stream was still minimal but at least the water was more or less

The wind picked up quite early in the day and the clouds rolled in making it not that
comfortable to be at the water.
In a sheltered part inside the village I noticed some fish in the shallow water, a couple of
dace where moving about.
I scared the first school but when the second school came around I managed some fish on the
At a weir at the beginning of the village I also spotted dace in the current but one cast made them
scatter in all directions.
I waited for things to calm down and eventually had a second shot at the fish and managed one fish.

With the wind, cold and low water messing up the fishing it was not difficult to make the choice
to visit the pub early.
As daylight saving time had ended it would be dark soon anyway and it just seemed to make more
sense to enjoy a few drinks and a good meal at the fire in the pub then to be outside in the cold.

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