Harz 08-2018

Harz 08-2018

As my intended trip to the HSK region was cancelled due to high temperatures and low water levels
the last planned trip was to the Harz region in Eastern Germany.
Luckily conditions where not that bad and although the river could have been higher it was fishable.

The season up in the mountains was relatively short with an ending date 16 September instead of
the usual 20th. of October.
With such an elevation late spring and early winter where probably the reason for the early closing.

The weather during this three day trip changed from warm and sunny to chilly and rain.
With the end of the season near and the river probably being cleared out by the meat fisherman we
sticked to our usual haunts on the first two days catching fish on nymphs and sometimes streamers.
The dry fly fishing I was hoping for did not materialize.

On the last day we gambled on a more secluded spot and found no other fisherman around.
Besides the fishing the landscape was breathtaking with the fall colors already clearly visible.
After the warm weather on day one and the rain on day two we now had a mix of clouds and sunshine
with a steady breeze blowing through the gorge.
Bringing the jacket was a good move as it was not that warm when the clouds took overhand.
The last day was also the day when I eventually found some reliable rising fish and caught a few
brown trout on my favorite sedge pattern.

When I was at the end of the stretch I intended to fish one of my old wading shoes was about to loose
the felt sole, luckily it came loose in the rear so I could still walk more or less normally.
As the time to assemble for the home journey came close I gambled on the path behind me that led
into the mountains as the fastest way to get back to the parking lot.
As I went higher and higher in the mountains I was not so sure it was a good move but in the
end it all panned out and I arrived timely at my destination.
All in all a very nice trip to end the fishing season in the Harz mountains.

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