Germany 21-06-2020

Germany 21-06-2020

With the first day being rather good for chub fishing I tried again the next day.
My goal was to improve on the fish size.
I got a shot at a big fish early on as I spotted one in the bend of the stream.
My cast landed the hopper near the fish and it moved out from under the
bank into the open water.

The chub grabbed the foam hopper with gusto, I struck and had a solid hookup.
Somehow the line must have been tangled as the tippet broke when the
fish rushed back to its lie.

I only managed a few small chub on the hopper for the rest of the day.
I noticed chub at other hot spots but those where not interested in my offerings.
In the end it seemed wise to hit the pub as it was hot and sticky.

On the plus side I spotted my first local red kite, a predatory bird I only knew from southern climes.
I also spotted an almost black roe deer, another first for me.
With the hot summer months in progress top water chub fishery will be the main focus for the coming time.

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