Germany 24-11-2019

Germany 24-11-2019

The morning was chilly and slightly foggy when the sun came out.
At the stream no fish action was visible and the nymph stayed untouched.
With the dace and roach not active I tied on a streamer and surprisingly got
a few hits by the perch.
Could not get the larger ones but at least I had some action.

In the afternoon the temperatures climbed to such a level that rising fish could be seen and I got into some dace on the nymph.
Sunset came swiftly and the temperature plummeted so it was of to the pub.

Next weekend will have yet another working party at the hatchery to clear
the hatching ponds for a third time.
Temperatures are predicted to plummet next Sunday will probably be spent
fishing the one or other canal for larger perch.

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