Germany 25-07-2021

Germany 25-07-2021

“You should have been here yesterday” was the motto of the day.
Yesterday thunderstorms where predicted so i skipped fishing.
The storm came in the evening so in hindsight I could have gone fishing without any issues.
Rain was plentiful in the evening/night and it blew out out the streams I was allowed to fish in.
There was clear water in the stream I could not fish, go figure.

After some sightseeing on the hill and the observing tower pub time came early.
When I finished lunch I braved the brown floods as I could not leave without catching a fish.

The only fly that could work was the squirmy and when I finally found a pool with some calmer water I got a few bites.
A small roach and dace where more than welcome in these off conditions.

Still waiting for stable Summer weather but that is not forecast for the near future.

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