Germany 25-09-2021

Germany 25-09-2021

When I was at work last Friday I got a call to join a short road and my first answer was no.
Not that I didn´t like fishing but it was more that I did not want to go unprepared.
I wanted to be sure the proper licenses could be arranged in time and since that turned out
to be the case I opted in.

My buddies did not know the particular destination but I had been there before on multiple occasions.
This was the river where I caught my first ever grayling.
After a drive of a couple hours we arrived at the scene, I had suggested we park at the end
of the so called guest stretch open for visiting anglers.

The end of the guest stretch was formed by a weir so the water was slow moving.
We took a look and immediately saw rising fish.
With the end being shallow I opted for hip waders but soon regretted it as the
upper parts had some spots that where to deep to wade through.

Nonetheless I stayed with the hip waders as I knew the stretches further on would be shallow.
There was a lot of surface activity so I choose to fish a sedge.
As I figured that some parts of the stream would be overgrown the rod I choose for this day
was the four weight Hardy glass.

I was soon into fish … pretty rainbow trout and a lot of them…
I was pretty amazed at the amount of fish I encountered and I caught tons of them.
A few browns where mixed in and my buddies also caught some nice grayling.

With the sun hiding behind the clouds the insect activity tapered off in the afternoon.
I tried nymphing but the lack of results caused me to use the ugliest fly in my box aka the
That pattern did not fail me and many more rainbows came to the net.

Late in the afternoon we regrouped for a quick lunch and headed out again.
My buddies checked out the fly only stretch further afield while I did a rerun on the lower stretch.
I had hoped the afternoon would see some rise but it was quiet so the squirminator was put
into action again and yielded more rainbows.

After finishing to lower stretch I moved upstream and came across my buddies wo told me
that the upper section was shallow, overgrown and did not boast many fish.
As I had not fished that stretch before I checked it out, indeed very shallow.
I caught a few fish there but fishing was tough because of the nature of the water.

With the sun about to set I continued upstream until some shiny in the water caught my eye.
This was like a scene from Lord of the rings … it was a golden ring.
With a bridge nearby I figured somebody had a bad day and tossed it in.
When I passed the bridge the river boasted a deeper pool which was filled with rainbows.
As the sun had gone I figured it might be time to head back and used the path that ran along the river bank.

At the spot where we parked the car I did not see the other guys so they where still fishing.
With the river nearby I did the same.
As the fog started to roll in over the meadow I was still catching rainbow after rainbow.
When it became dark I head back to the car and spotted my buddies doing the same.

It was chow time now and as I spotted a restaurant near the main bridge in the village I suggested we would go there to eat.
It was a traditional German restaurant so no worries about the food.
The outside dining area was fully occupied so we headed inside and ordered pork chops topped with eggs and bacon accompanied by a glass of tasty Maissel Weizenbeer.
Glad I went on that trip, a very good day indeed.

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