Germany 27-09-2020

Germany 27-09-2020

A few days of rain had put water and color in the stream.
I fished the upper section of the stream as the weather was no good for
chub fishing.

Since the mill pool was open again for members with a special permit I tried to catch some fish there.
Unfortunately the lack of water over the past year had filled in the pool
completely so it was to shallow for decent fishing.
Surprisingly the usual present roach and dace where a no show.

Luckily some other sections of the stream still housed some fish with as
icing on the cake a nice brown trout.
The perdigon produced some fish but with the murky water I soon opted
to fish the squirminator.
A borderline fly but it has it’s moments and the many gudgeons I caught
showed it was fished properly deep.

Drawback of the squirminator or squirmy is that you get a lot of tailbites
and that their durability is minimal.
The plus side is that they are easy to tie so you should be able to tie a 
good supply of them in a short time.
I like the original material from Fulling Mill best as it really moves.

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