Germany 27-10-2019

Germany 27-10-2019

The Saturday was warm and sunny and would have been a perfect day for fishing but a long standing appointment was more important.
With the prospect of lower temperatures I had to stock up on my firewood supply so I spend the day in the forest hauling wood.

On Sunday the daylight saving time ended and I was quite late en route to my fishing haunt.
Despite predictions of rain all day it stayed dry be it quite colder than the day before with a chilling breeze.

The water had cleared considerably meaning the algea bloom was at an end.
I fished in the village and had most bites on the strike indicator so I changed to a segde and caught a nice dace on the dry fly.
I spotted fish in the surface but cloud cover and a strong breeze prevented 
reliable surface feeding.
In the end I tried the nymph again and that yielded some small roach and dace. 

With the late start and the end of daylight saving time the sun was setting early and when I fished the last spot of the day low light made spotting the indicator difficult.
Again tough fishing with not a lot of bites but at least some small dace where obliging to take the fly.
It was nice to end the day in the warmth of the pub.

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