Germany 28-07-2019

Germany 28-07-2019

Plenty big chub around but none of them wanted to eat.
Had a few chub that went on top to inspect the hopper but all declined to take the fly.
First spot yielded only a small chublet that wanted to kill the mayfly. Spotted two large chub but no eaters.

The feeder stream boasted seven large chub but whatever I tried no response.
I tried another spot and found a trout on station in the current, again nothing worked.
Wanted to fish another spot but heard racket and then spotted the youths in their canoes so no use in fishing.

Last spot had again fish but all on the move, the mayfly yielded a slightly larger fish.
With the skies getting dark I opted for the pub visit instead of fishing. Pretty meager results so I might have to check some other spots the next time.
The fields are bone dry, crops are failing so hoping for rain.

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