Germany 30-05-2021

Germany 30-05-2021

I Saw a news report that the Netherlands was no longer considered a high risk area by our
neighbors to the east.
This meant I could once again visit the good fishing waters of my German syndicate.

The trout where still on station where I expected them and soon I had the first one hooked.
Water was a tad high so I fished most of the time with a squirmy to offer some substantial to the fish.
I also managed to catch a few dace and roach along the way.

Big mayflies where sporadically on the water but not many fish on them. mostly the small dace.
I noticed a big splash near some flotsam and figured it had to be a trout but a big mayfly pattern
did not coax a reaction of the fish.

I fished some small deeper ridges at a steep wall when I got a decent hit on the squirmy.
The fish got off though and I was not sure it had felt the hook.
I fished some other spots downstream from the last hit and returned later in the day to
give it a second try.
After a few tries I got again a good strike and landed a nice brown trout.

The early start and the warm water had made me thirsty and hungry so I tried to get
a seating at the beer garden of the pub.
Managed to get a spot in the end and enjoyed some cold ones and pork chops.
With months of bad weather and everybody holed up it was no surprise the crowds
where out today.

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