Germany 08-02-2020

Germany 08-02-2020

The stream was still high from last weeks downpours as I looked at the online river gauge.
I decided to go fishing anyway as a big storm out on the Atlantic was predicted to hit us on Sunday.

The day started cold but warmed as the storm came nearer.
I even fished the dry fly for a moment when the sun came momentarily out and fish started to rise.

The rising fish where small though and where not able to drown the fly.
I choose to fish the deeper water where I suspected fish.
A narrow strip of calmer deep water called for the use of a team of heavy nymphs .
I managed to hook a couple of fish but only a dace and a small roach
stayed put.

The last spot of the day was a deep pool not fishable from shore due to the fast current.
I had to do some tricky wading to get into position for a good drift.
The water was going to fast to have a decent presentation though.

I called it a day as the skies looked threatening and the light faded.
As usual I ended the day at the pub for a meal.
The broccoli cream soup was tasty.

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