Netherlands 13-05-2021

Netherlands 13-05-2021

Another public holiday meant another fishing session for me.
With the proper fishing spots still off limits due to the covid restrictions I had planned to visit a new water further south.
The route led me again close to the border, easily recognizable by the wind turbines common on the German side of the fence,

The river in question was not a fly-fishing water in my book.
I had been destroyed de facto in the sixties and seventies in the name of agriculture and progress.
It meant the end of a free meandering river and the loss of migratory fish species.
In recent years some work had been done of the section near the border so I had a look.

The upper section looked good from the satellite images and when I saw the water from
a distance I had hopes that maybe some fish where to be caught there.
A closer look however made me think otherwise.
The water was extremely murky and slow moving.
Despite the presence of insects (even some mayflies) nothing was moving.

All in all not inviting but I tried anyway and dropped a nymph at various locations where
I suspected fish would be hanging out,
No luck though as I only dragged debris from the bottom.
After the restored part the river entered a basin used to collect the sediment brought in from
A large weir retained the water, on of those killer weirs with a strong undertow right behind the dam.

Fishing seemed useless so I explored the canalized section of the river hoping to see some life.
I found life at another weir where dozens of large fish where milling around in the fast water.
They looked like ide to me, a large shiner species that migrates upriver in spring to spawn.
Seemed they had missed the bypass further downstream and where stuck at the weir.

Tried nymphing for a while but with no takes I called it quits and went north again.
I passed the local stream a few times where some tiny fish nibbled at the nymphs
but in general it looked pretty dead.
Again plenty of insects around but no fish to eat them.
I did spot a few rises but that turned out to be tiny fish of a few inches long.
I fished a small dry F-fly to see what was rising, hooked a tiny dace when I struck on the take.
Yanked the fish almost directly on the bank but it landed in the water before I could grab it,

Seeing all those ide in front of the weir puzzled me, I thought I had red that the river was
fully passable again for migrating fish.
With some further research I found out that one of the feeder streams had been issued
with fish ladders.  The feeder was then again connected via another manmade ditch to
the upper restored section of the river.
Seeing the ide meant obviously that that plan did not work but then again the feeder is
my next target in search for fish.

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