Netherlands 02-01-2014

Netherlands 02-01-2014

As always the most important thing at the start of the year was to catch the first fish.
Sort of breaking the ice to use a rather horrible term.
Temperatures had been unseasonable high for the time of the year so conditions where
optimal to go after the predators in one of the local canals.

Strong wind and rain made it a bit unpleasant to be outside but fish had to be caught.
Allthough many local fisherman fish for pike in this time of year my favorite predator is
the perch so I fish for them almost exclusively.
I fitted the four weight with a sinking line and tied on a small polar minnow in perch livery,
big perch like to eat small perch.

The usually clear waters of the canal where murky as a strong wind was stirring up
the silt but after a while I could see the big perch tracing the streamer.
The perch in the canal are very wary though as the place is fished a lot so in first
instance they only followed the fly.
Competition among the perch was fierce though so one of them actually went for the
fly but came off after a short drill as I had only hooked it lightly on the barbless hook.
Since I had now located the perch I made a second attempt and could actually land
a nice fish.

I fished the canal section thoroughly untill the dead end but got no more hits.
What I did notice was that the canal was still used for shelter by the overwintering roach.
Besides the perch the canal is inhabited by some very large pike but I try to avoid them by using
very small flies.
Next I fished the nearby marina where I had a battle with another decent perch but again the fish
managed to threw the hook, the score 3 hooked – 1 landed.

The marina did not yield any more fish and as the sun was about to set chances to catch perch
where diminishing fast.
So the first fishing session of the year resulted in a fine perch.
Next on the menue will be a pike if the weather permits it.

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