Netherlands 22-03-2020

Netherlands 22-03-2020

As a master of social distancing I slipped out for a few hours to check out the local stream.
Took the back roads and a path that was just across the border to reach my fishing spot.

The stream fishes bad in early spring and with a frosty morning and a steadily blowing east wind my hopes for finding fish where not that great.
It was a short session so I choose a spot where I had lost two pike the last time I visited the stream.
The water was high and quite dirty but I figured clear enough for any predator to strike the fly.

I tried for a couple of hours but nothing moved.
Plan B was to get a dace or roach by drifting a nymph deep along the bottom but that also failed to haul in any fish.
Still nice to be in the fresh air for a while.

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