Netherlands 23-05-2021

Netherlands 23-05-2021

A windy and wet start of the day with quite a disappointing temperature to start with.
I went south again to fish the small stream that I had explored recently.
Maybe the rain that fell recently would improve the fishing.
My theory was that the increased flow and murkier water would make the fish less wary.
I soon found out it was not the case as I only managed two small chub and a tiny perch.

I spotted plenty of insects and quite a few large mayflies.
There was nothing on them expect the gulls with the fish going awol.
I also did not see any flanking fish indicating feeding fish.

A loud splash almost made me think a big chub had taken a mayfly.
It was a common grebe who scared the little fish that where present away.
I explored the stream further upstream to see if I could find larger fish.
The water was very clear but alas I did not see any fish running.

The next stop was local stream back home.
I walked for miles and did not see a living thing, completely dead.
I found it odd as mayflies and other insects where on the water.
No rising fish to be seen all day.
The last hope spots yielded a tiny dace and roach.

Water was a bit up, visibility still ok but no action on the surface.
This month was unusually cold and wet so we have to wait if things will improve in June.
As I am up for a vaccine shot I might be visiting the other side of the border again
to see if fishing is better there.

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