Netherlands 25-04-2021

Netherlands 25-04-2021

The new covid restrictions in neighboring Germany had cut me off from the good fishing grounds
across the border so I had to hit the B-waterways at home.
As if the pandemic troubles where not enough we also had the coldest spring on record.
With the constant northerly winds temperatures dropped deep and fast during the night which
was not very helpful for fish activity.

The weather forecast foretold clouds in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon so I left
pretty late for spot nr.1 on my list.
Tossing small nymphs on an indicator yielded some subtle strikes but nothing stuck.
When I went to spot nr.2 another fisherman had setup on the location I had in mind.
I tried further downstream but did not see any indications of fish … totally dead.

About two before sunset I was back on spot 1 … but now occupied by a flyfisherman which
was pretty rare. 
Turned out to be a tourist from the west of the country who tried his luck.
Talked a little shop and watched how he falsely hooked a little bottomfeeder, at least
he was fishing deep enough.
He had the same problems though … just dead water.

When he left I tried as the sun was setting and it was getting cold again.
The last cast was extended dozens of times and I finally hooked a fish which I
subsequently lost.
As we still had a curfew I had to stop otherwise the day could end expensive.

Tomorrow we have a public holiday, might give it a go once again but
with an east wind and a cold night I fear it will be tough.

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