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Germany, 10&11-07-2021

Germany, 10&11-07-2021

Last Saturday was predicted a 100 percent rain day by the weather guru’s.
It actually stayed dry all day and I even got a tan in the end.
Once again I tried to fool the chub and even had some new weapons in my armory.
Besides the large abstract hoppers I usually fished I decided to try a more natural and
smaller pattern hoping to fool the wary fish.

It was tough again to even get to the water which was btw very murky.
This summer is completely different than last one, unstable weather with a
constant supply of water.
The water just was not as clear as last summer.

I tried some of the known spots and noticed a few fish in the murky water.
The first reaction to the new hopper where promising as it was instantly attacked.
After a few missed bites and one hooked it went quiet … fish gone.
The other spot on the main stream remained fishless.

Next stop the feed, it was clear and had fish in it.
Also big ones but I only nailed one slightly larger fish.
The problem here was the extreme shallow water, dumping a hopper usually meant
all the fish took off.
Noticed one pike in the water but without the proper streamer it was no use trying,
lots of weed in the water with no real depth to make a long retrieve.

With the fish not cooperating I did some sightseeing and took the long road to the pub.
Went for the double cheeseburger this time.

On Sunday I tried the home stretch hoping to find a trout but I hardly found any fish.
The squirmy yielded a small dace from one of the pools and that was it,
The only thing hitting the squirmy where the gudgeons, small bottom feeders that
constantly grabbed the tail section of the squirmy,

I tried some other places but the water was shallow, found a few small dace and
fished a small dun pattern to get some bites.
The pub visit was early as I had hoped that I would find fish surface feeding
in the nearby village.
Alas the surface waters where void of feeding fish, a small pink Perdigon yielded one
roach and that was it.

A cloudy day with some of the clouds looking like thunder heads, it stayed dry though.
Maybe it is time to visit some of the spots that are more off track in order to find fish.

Germany 13-12-2020

Germany 13-12-2020

In the so called dark days before Christmas I was not the only one to hit the river while it was possible.
Pretty consistant action for such a late date in the year.
I spotted a few carp, noticed dace rising to small midges and caught several roach and dace on nymphs and squirmies.
I had many tail bites on the squirmies which again shows how effective that fly can be to generate bites …
Catching fish that bite on the squirmy however is a different story.

Germany 05-12-2020

Germany 05-12-2020

I had planned to fish on saturday despite the cold weather.
On friday message came that help was needed at the club’s hatchery.
I figured the best time to fish would be the afternoon so I headed to the hatchery first.

The task at hand was to clear out a hatching pond.
Before that could happen the resident trout needed to be caught and sorted along weight.
I had my waders with me so I entered the basin and caught a few hundred brown trout with some very nice fat rainbows mixed in.

After the work I warmed at the fire in our club house for a while and went out to the river.
Recent rains had risen the water level but clarity remained.
As it was standard in winter fish where few and at first I could not spot any.
Nymphs remained untouched whatever I tied on or how deep I fished them.
As a last resort I tied on a squirmy and that did the trick as I caught a small dace.

Other spots I visited where empy, with the sun low in the sky I went into the forest to check the last mark of the day.
I noticed fish, again small dace with curiously a gold fish mixed in.
I had counted that all dumped gold fish would have been victim of the herons by now.
After getting two more dace I called it a day.

As the sun was still visibile I made a short stop at a nearby sand pit and made some exploratory casts along a few reedbeds.
I fished a small streamer in perch livery hoping for a pike or perch but nothing was moving.
I stopped to watch the sun set and headed back home.

Germany 27-09-2020

Germany 27-09-2020

A few days of rain had put water and color in the stream.
I fished the upper section of the stream as the weather was no good for
chub fishing.

Since the mill pool was open again for members with a special permit I tried to catch some fish there.
Unfortunately the lack of water over the past year had filled in the pool
completely so it was to shallow for decent fishing.
Surprisingly the usual present roach and dace where a no show.

Luckily some other sections of the stream still housed some fish with as
icing on the cake a nice brown trout.
The perdigon produced some fish but with the murky water I soon opted
to fish the squirminator.
A borderline fly but it has it’s moments and the many gudgeons I caught
showed it was fished properly deep.

Drawback of the squirminator or squirmy is that you get a lot of tailbites
and that their durability is minimal.
The plus side is that they are easy to tie so you should be able to tie a 
good supply of them in a short time.
I like the original material from Fulling Mill best as it really moves.