Flyfishing small streams on the Dutch / German border.

Flyfishing small streams on the Dutch / German border.

Chub from a small stream on the Dutch / German border / Flyfishing small streams / Dry fly fishing / Mayfly


The idea behind this site is to document my flyfishing exploits.
Living at the Dutch / German border in Enschede offers interesting  fishing opportunities.

The streams over the border are well suited to flyfishing.
That good fishing resulted in memberships of German fishing clubs so
I could have access to several small streams.
The major attractions are chub and dace but with in addition brown trout.

Allthough I prefer to fish small rivers saltwater flyfishing has always been of interest to me.
Saltwater flyfishing for me ranged from searun browns in Denmark, Stripers and Bluefish in Rhode Island to several different species of saltwater fish in Florida.

Small stream Dutch / German border / Chub / Dace / Roach / Barbel / Brown trout / Asp
Local stream

The water

Most of the small streams entering the Netherlands at the eastern border with Germany originate from the remnants of a bay from the cretaceous period. The streams I fish are mostly straightened watercourses allthough some parts are still more or less untouched.
These streams have a high fluctuation in waterlevel as they are for the most part dependant on rainfall.
The streams are lowland streams with sediment consisting mostly of sand with some sections made up of sandstone.
Man made obstructions like weirs and watermills have made the streams impassible for migrating fish.
Due to the EU guidelines many weirs have been removed in recent years while others have been made passable for migrating fish.
I have not seen any migratory fish myself yet but have heard stories of other anglers who did encounter them.

The fish

The species of fish available in the streams I fish varies widely.
Upper reaches often hold dace, roach and trout.
Further downstream where the streams go wider species like bream, chub, barbel and asps join in with off course pike and perch.
Any section above a weir will have carp roaming the slow moving water.
The fish species I have caught in the stream where: bleak, bream, brook trout, brown trout, chub, dace, gudgeon, perch, pike, rainbow trout, and roach.


Duo to the limited clarity of the streams my preferred fishing method is fishing small nymphs most of the time.
Besides shrimp the nymphs of caddisflies and mayflies are often found.
There are however always moments where a well fished dry fly is a killer.
Mayflies can be abundant in spring with St.Marks flies (bibio) with caddis flies being a favourite of mine as they always seem to work.
I seldom fish with streamers due to the shallow nature of the streams but sometimes when dryfly and nymph are fruitless a streamer can work.


Upper part of the streams often feature a landscape I refer to as the jungle with shrubs and trees everywhere leaving no room for backcasts.
A short rod like 7ft. with a 4-weight line is best.
When fishing with light tippet full flex rod protects the tippet when a larger fish like a trout takes the fly.
On the lower reaches of the streams in the open landscape with high banks a longer 9ft. rod is of advantage.
Wading is not neccesary but handy to cross over to the other bank.

Brown trout from a small stream on the Dutch / German border / Flyfishing small streams / Mayfly fishing
Brown trout from a local stream
Dace from a small stream on the Dutch / German border / Small stream flyfishing / Nymph fishing
Small stream Dutch / German border / Chub / Dace / Roach / Barbel / Brown trout / Asp
Local stream

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Netherlands 09-05-2021

Netherlands 09-05-2021

With a sudden rise in temperature I hoped fish activity might be on the up today.
Still not able to get to my waters across the border due to pandemic issues I fished
the muddy stream on my side of the fence again.
Insect activity had increased but I could not spot a single surface feeding fish.
A few nibbles of small fish was the only thing I could muster fishing the nymph.

When I finally hooked a small roach and thought skunk was avoided a pike came
out of nowhere and took off with my fish.
Now I had to battle the pike on very light tippet, but believe it or not the pike 
remained connected.
I made the net ready but at the last minute the pike let go, apparently not hooked.
What remained was the little roach which consequently fell of the hook.

Bites where scarce but finally I hooked another small roach.
Fishing was not going great, the water was a bit higher than usual and murky.
The faster shallow water behind a weir yielded one dace and another small roach.
The last spot of the day was also pretty dead, nothing at all was moving.
The sudden heat had brewed up some dark clouds during the day so I called it quits early.
My skills of forecasting electrical storms had let me down in the past so
I was not going to risk it by staying out.

Netherlands 27-04-2021

Netherlands 27-04-2021

The blank of a few days ago had to be erased so it was off to the stream again.
We had a public holiday due to the Kings birthday and for a change we actually
had nice weather.
The sun was out, the easterly wind was manageable and the temperature was ok.

I went out in the afternoon to enjoy the highest temperature of the day and
started fishing at the spot I had blanked recently.
A deep fished nymph actually yielded a dace which was a good start of the day.
Forgetting the memory card in the camera was not so good.
It had happened before so I was prepared and soon was in business again.
and actually caught a dace at the first mark when I
That second fish however would not materialize.

I had to try another spot and soon found a nice set of weirs.
There was a rising fish but it only came up once so I continued nymphing.
The faster flow behind the weir yielded dace nr. 2 of the day, a good
size fish for this water.

Although the insect activity had increased due to the warmer weather it
was not enough to bring fish to the surface.
With the sun getting low I had one last spot to visit.
The stream at that spot had been put back in a more natural state and
boasted some interesting features.

Dace nr. 3 came from a shallower stretch after a couple of missed takes.
To bad I had not brought my hip waders with me because some
spots required a little wading to get the best drifts.
Three fish was not bad, the sun was already moving behind the trees
so I called it quits.

I took the shortcut through the moor and circumvented all the highland
cows that where laying on the road.
Best not to startle them when they have offspring moving around.
As usual the roe deer came out at dusk so I managed a few snapshots
of them along the way.

Netherlands 25-04-2021

Netherlands 25-04-2021

The new covid restrictions in neighboring Germany had cut me off from the good fishing grounds
across the border so I had to hit the B-waterways at home.
As if the pandemic troubles where not enough we also had the coldest spring on record.
With the constant northerly winds temperatures dropped deep and fast during the night which
was not very helpful for fish activity.

The weather forecast foretold clouds in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon so I left
pretty late for spot nr.1 on my list.
Tossing small nymphs on an indicator yielded some subtle strikes but nothing stuck.
When I went to spot nr.2 another fisherman had setup on the location I had in mind.
I tried further downstream but did not see any indications of fish … totally dead.

About two before sunset I was back on spot 1 … but now occupied by a flyfisherman which
was pretty rare. 
Turned out to be a tourist from the west of the country who tried his luck.
Talked a little shop and watched how he falsely hooked a little bottomfeeder, at least
he was fishing deep enough.
He had the same problems though … just dead water.

When he left I tried as the sun was setting and it was getting cold again.
The last cast was extended dozens of times and I finally hooked a fish which I
subsequently lost.
As we still had a curfew I had to stop otherwise the day could end expensive.

Tomorrow we have a public holiday, might give it a go once again but
with an east wind and a cold night I fear it will be tough.

Germany 28-03-2021

Germany 28-03-2021

With the river running at a more or less normal spring level I tried the chub section today.
In a blustery wind with low temperatures and rain action was non-existent to slow.
The dead end side channel a feeder stream yielded my first couple of small chub along with some roach and roach.
The feeder stream was dead with the exception of some rising bleak.
Way to early in the season of course but you got to check the regular haunts to see what is happening.
Spring is in progress and the landscape already looks a little bit green.
Hopefully the temperatures will rise and insect activity will increase in order to have some early season
dace action.

Germany 21-03-2021

Germany 21-03-2021

The first time since trout opener that the river had returned to a normal level 
so it was off to the stream.
A pretty cold day with a steady northerly breeze that made being outside 

It had not frozen during the previous night so I hoped on increased fish activity.
At the first spot I found out pretty soon that that was not the case.
Spend several hours before I finally found a spot that yielded fish.
A deep fished Perdigon and Squirmy caught the fish today.

The dace where no surprise, the gudgeon was.
To topp it all off I caught a nice brown trout in one of the rapid flowing spots.
Warmer weather is on the way so fishing might finally improve.

Germany 14-03-2021

Germany 14-03-2021

The mission to catch fish after a week of stormy weather with lots of rain
was sort of a mission impossible.
All the water on the fields and in the ditches did not forebode anything good.
As expected all the streams where filled to the brim and had coffee colored water.

The plan C of last session was now plan A but when I arrived at the side channel
of the feeder stream water was blasting through.
I had hoped for better clarity but alas it was not to be.
I had exactly one hit on the squirmy and that was it.
Had to shelter for an intense rain shower, it was cold rain.

Plan B was to fish the forest section way upstream on the main river.
Flow rate was extreme and with the murky water nothing worked.
In hindsight pretty normal for this time of year.
Conclusion of the day … a total blank.
At least I spotted another blue winged olive, if it gets a little warmer 
fishing might actually improve.

Germany 06-03-2021

Germany 06-03-2021

After a short glimpse of spring temperatures went down again.
Yesterday the morning started with -5 C.
I went out late in the morning when the temperature rose.

During the week I noticed that a fellow club member had caught a quite big chub on one of the streams I fish.
Normally I would go there only in high summer, catching a large fish however seemed a welcome change.

I checked out the best summer spots but the water was completely dead.
Water was up a bit but clarity was ok, current a tad too fast.
The only action was on land with lots of roe deer roaming around and oddly many pheasants.

Plan B was to fish behind the clubhouse where the stream was wide and
relative shallow. 
That spot had to be the day saver but it was completely dead, could not spot any fish activity at all.

Already late in the afternoon the sun was low in the sky and I was still fishless.
Could it be, first skunk of the year … nah … plan C was drafted.
There was one spot where the local council had done some stream restauration.
A formerly straightened part had been changed in a freely meandering stream with a side channel that flooded during extreme high water.

The side channel was my target as it was slow moving to stagnant and functioned as a shelter for the stream fish.
When i arrived I noticed many rings on the water so my hopes where high.
I fishing only a short time but at least I caught a couple of small roach and bleak. Small fish but skunk avoided.

Next week the weather will change to a more wetter and warmer type.
Maybe I will put in some more time at the plan C spot as there are bigger
fish in there.

Germany 28-02-2021

Germany 28-02-2021

Another week with different conditions.
The heatwave had passed, this morning weather was chilly … it was actually freezing.
I opted for a late start and went out when the temperature was just above freezing as I hated deicing guides all the time.
The skies where clear and blue  in the city, as soon as I entered the farmland low clouds and fog rolled in.

Another change from last week was the fact that the water in the stream had  dropped 8 inches and was a lot clearer.
The good spot from last week was worthless, tried everything but could only muster a tiny dace on the squirminator.
The plus side was that I noticed the first small mayfly plus a rising fish.

A spot in the forest yielded more dace with the largest one of the day.
Fishing was slow, to cold during the night I figure.
Trout season starts March 16th. so I hope they toss in a few stockies for some more action.


Germany 21-02-2021

Germany 21-02-2021

As the first day of my season yielded fish in difficult circumstances I figured
a second try might be in place.
This time I had more time on my hands to check out the stream

Off course the water was still high and dirty but the spot that worked a day
before fished well in the morning.
Plenty of bites with lots of misses as the fish would often grab the tail of
the squirminator
You would feel the resistance of the bite and the moment when the fish let go.

I caught the same mix of roach and dace but this time one of the roach had
had some size to it.
I tried other spots nearby but had no luck.
With the crowds coming out on a sunny warm day I retreated to the forest
where I had no luck the day before.

In the forest I tried a few of the deeper spots and felt takes.
Did not run into any trout but one of the dace I caught had some size to it.
Although temperatures will taper off to more normal values for February
the lack of rainfall will hopefully clear the river for next weekend trips.

Alas no food pictures due to lockdown in Germany for the foreseeable future as all eateries are closed.
Same as in the Netherlands where there also is a curfew between 21.00 and 04.30 hours.  Trying times.

Germany 20-02-2021

Germany 20-02-2021

Within one week we went from a cold snow storm to warm springs days.
As I had to renew one of my fishing licenses I opted to fish the stream for
the first time this year.

Off course it would be difficult as all the snow had melted and all ditches
and stream where in flooding stage.
The spot I choose to start my fishing session had fast colored water.
Whatever I tried I did not get any bites.

I tried an hour or so to no avail, as I had some time to kill before 
picking up the license I did some sightseeing in the area.
I went up what the locals call the mountain which is the first major 
hill in an otherwise flat landscape.

The license process did not take up much time so I had time left over
to spend at the water.
Off course I could not end my first fishing day in a blank so I went to
the one and only spot that could save me.

The good spot also suffered from the high colored water.
The plus side however was the large current seem with slow moving water.
Fly of choice was the squirminator that was heavy enough to get deep and
had a large enough profile to be detectable by the fish.

It took some time before I had the right depth and speed figured out but
then I ran quickly into fish.
Small fish but at least some action in difficult circumstances.
I was happy to end this nice day with the first fish of the season.